USA Survey on Vegans and Race/Ethnicity 2009

If you are vegan and living in the USA, please answer my research survey on Vegans and Race/Ethnicity:

Information about the survey:


If you are vegan and live in the USA, please help me with my research! My goal is to get at least 10,000 responses. The survey will be open until I reach my goal. I believe 10,000 is an optimal sample size.

I am a PhD student in Critical Food Geographies at UC Davis. I am also the author of the upcoming book “Sistah Vegan: Black female vegans on food, identity, health, and society.” You can find my works at and

I am trying to map the racial/ethnic identifications of vegans in the USA. This research will eventually be part of a book I am working on. The survey is 5 questions long and will literally take 1 minute. I appreciate your time.

You can email me at breezeharper (at) gmail (dot) com if you have questions.

0 thoughts on “USA Survey on Vegans and Race/Ethnicity 2009

  1. So far I received 56 responses. My favorite commentary from one of the survey respondents is the following:

    “I do not racially identify because I have absolutely no reason to. My DNA points to European ancestry, but I don’t have any attachments aside from DNA to my ethnic heritage. Therefore, I am simply a US citizen who inherited mutated skin genetics.”

    I’ll leave that to interpretation.

  2. Another interesting response :

    “I don’t get what a survey like this helps? What difference does it make what ethnicity someone is to vegan or anything else. I am used to not filling it in on forms, because I believe it to be prejudice. If you can give me a good reason, however, I do not mind.”

    I am assuming the person didn’t go to my research website to see the nature of my work… oh wait, I forgot, research on race and ethnicity is RACIST!

    This is how I got the idea for my Masters thesis that I ended up getting the Dean’s award for at my university a few years ago. Several white vegans who don’t identify as “White”, were annoyed that I was looking at race and ethnicity for the Sistah Vegan project. Instead of becoming infuriated, I decided to do a discursive analysis of the entire conversation that took place on the site VeganPub, turned it to thesis work and earned an A and an award.

    Ever notice how no one gets pissed off at gender, age, or occupational questions in relation to veganism. Anyway, I think what will be even more interesting about this poll/survey are the responses I’m getting from people who are ANNOYED that I would even DARE to enter this territory….

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