"Spirulina, it does the body good"

Sun is going to replace that “Milk, it does the body good” ad with, “Spirulina, it does the body good”, complete with a Spirulina mustache instead of a milk one.

Sun, 10 months old.

The other morning I made a very easy baby meal for him out of Spirulina, bananas, avocado:

2/3 tsp Spirulina

1/2 mashed small banana

1/2 mashed medium avocado

I mixed them together and served. Sun loves it.

Spirulina is an amazing super food. I ate it while pregnant. It is probably one of the most perfect foods you’ll ever encounter. It has DHA, EPA, GLA. Depending on the brand, 1 level tbsp has 4 to 6 g of protein in it. It is exceptionally high in Beta-Carotene (16,000 IU per 1 tbsp serving). 1 tbsp also gives you:

4mg Iron, 175 mcg B-1, 280 mcg of B-2. Talk about and excellent source of iron!

When you purchase Spirulina, make sure it’s a good source. I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs or from Amazon .

0 thoughts on “"Spirulina, it does the body good"

  1. I was just searching for more interesting things to do with spirulina and that picture of Sun came on your site… I just burst out laughing!

    Sun looks so adorable, you’ve got this vegan broody!

  2. Hi I was searching for pictures of babies eating spirulina and saw Sun’s photo! Its amazing. I have a 3 month old whose name is Luna which is spanish for Moon. It would be cool if someday in the future Sun and Luna can get together to drink some green stuff!! Thanks for your great info, next month we will start giving her the apple, banana, and avocado spiru blend and hugs to Sun.

        1. Nope. But most people tell me that her name is that of the title character to the book “Eva Luna” by Isabella Allende. But, didn’t know that until we named her and lots of people told us that 😉

  3. I’ve been giving a tiny bit to my 7 1/2 month old in his organic millet poridge I make him every AM! Thanks for writing this post!

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