Breeze Harper: Brief Intro to My Consciousness Formation

As the release of Sistah Vegan approaches, I wanted to share with people a little bit about my background. I know I can’t tell you everything in 15 minutes, but I truly think that it is important to let people know the histories, processes, experiences, etc., that have heavily influenced my consciousness and how/why I have such a great interest in critical race studies, black feminisms, and critical food geographies. My often controversial interests in race/racialization/whiteness as the norm, as it relates to food, didn’t just come out of thin air. See below:

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  1. Well, I’m certainly enjoying learning about your thoughts. 🙂 I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area for about 13 years & moved to Florida in 2000; & now eat a plant-based diet. But I can’t seem to find any vegans of any color here (Can’t wait to move back to Cali).

    I can see that we have much in common & I’m glad that you’re exploring these much needed topics. I’ll definitely be reading your book when it’s released!

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