Queen Afua's "Sacred Woman" and Decolonizing the Womb

In this video I speak about how I used Queen Afua’s book, “Sacred Woman” to shrink my fibroid tumors by 75%, become fertile (and conceive the first time), and how I continue to eat a whole foods oriented plant-based diet (versus a junk food vegan diet) to maintain my health. Please note that this is me sharing my personal journey with you. I am not a M.D., ND, or a clinical practitioner. Consult your practitioner, nutritionist, etc if you want to use plant-based dietary philosophy for health improvement.

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  1. this is a wonderful summarization/interpretation of afua’s book. thank you…

    this was also a confirmation for me in regards to cutting back on the sweets (from fruits) in my green smoothies (and in general). i noticed a difference in how my body responds when i consume too many fruits. i’ll continue to listen to her (my body) and continue on.

    lol @ you being *the grand pooper*.


  2. Hey just watched this video. really inspiring. i’m from nyc and got a personal consultation with queen afua several years ago. to say the least i wasn’t ready for the lifestyle changes she was recommending. now years later my interest in healing and food matches my readiness. i appreciated your low key way of sharing your journey and that you encourage listeners to take what they like and leave the rest, and think critically on their own.

  3. Hey Breeze,

    Love your Book….I am going thru Sacred Woman now and i am very excited about the process…thanks so much for your inspiring comments.

  4. Can you please give me a list of vegan locations for black women in new jersey in live in essex county.

    1. Sorry Sylvia, but I don’t know how to help you. There is HappyCow that you can go to on the internet. You can type in your location and be given a list of vegan friendly restaurants for your location, but that’s about it that I know of. Sorry I can’t help any more.

  5. You’re great. I have a suggestion for filming. Always film (have pictures taken) with the light facing your face (or at least not directly behind you.) When you have the light coming from behind you, you become a silhouette. If you want to film with the sun behind you, use a mirror to reflect light onto your face. You’re too lovely to be a silhouette.

    In filming/photographs lighting is the most important thing.

    Great vegan advice.


    1. Thanks. I’m learning that 🙂 . I had put so much effort into doing this video’s content (improv no script) that when I viewed the video after I thought, “Shoot, I can’t see my face. I don’t want to record the whole thing all over again. I guess next time I won’t be in back of the sun!)


  6. Thank you for your interpretation of “Sacred Woman.” I’m definitely going to check it out at my local library (I’m so glad that we had a copy in our system)! 🙂

  7. hi breeze, just before i saw your video i had finished going through queen afua’s book sacred woman for the second time- I totally loved it. I am at present off work having had a myomectomy – (to remove my fibroids – surgery went fine i guses however wished that i had changed my eating habits earlier when i first got the book 3 years ago). your video brings the book to life and encourages me to really go for it with changing my diet. I really don’t want the fibroids to grow back so i’m seroius now about this.

    thank you for a very interesting vid…..off to buy a juicer/blender/mixer!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this video! I just ordered the books by Queen Afua and the book on starting a vegan diet. It is past-time for me to take control of my lif and my health. Thanks again!

  9. Excellent video and great information!! Thank you so much for sharing this:-)
    I am considering surgery as my fibroids are now the size of a 22 month fetus. I was REALLY trying to avoid it, but they are becoming a pain and are getting in the way of me working. How fast did your fibroids shrink after you began on the new diet and do you suggest I hold out on the surgery to see if the diet works? I eat pretty healthy and probably 80% vegan already, but as a Southern girl I have been reluctant to totally give up my “soul food”…

    1. Carmen,

      I can only speak for myself and my own unique situation. My fibroids were very small . The biggest one was only 2.5 inches. I have heard that it’s more challenging to shrink them once they are quite big, but then again, there are women who have shrunk them when they were big. If you can, I’d suggest you consult with Queen Afua or one of her trained Wombman to guide you. I send my blessings to you and your womb spirit!


  10. Thank you, Breeze! Could you also recommend a natural, potent source of iron. Since I left this message I discovered that I am severely anemic and they want to put me on birth control pills and iron supplements that will make me constipated (yikes!) I’d really like to avoid this, but I need to do something fast.


    1. Carmen,

      I highly suggest Floradix herbal iron supplement. During pregnancy I was highly anemic, despite the high iron foods I was eating. My body couldn’t process those iron sources so I went on Floradix and was fine!

      Best, Breezie

      A. Breeze Harper University of California, Davis Ph.D. Candidate in Intersections of Critical Food Geographies and Critical Race Theory Research Website: http://www.breezeharper.com and http://www.sistahveganproject.com Research Group: Critical Race and Food Studies Intersect http://groups.google.com/group/critical-race-theory-and-food-studies-research?lnk=gcimh Research Group: Critical Race and Veg*n Studies Intersect (http://sistahveganproject.ning.com/) Twitter: http://twitter.com/sistahvegan Skype: Sistahvegan

  11. I love this video I am transitioning. I did not understand what you said about the tea you were drinking for the womb did you say medal or metal i am not sure so please clarify. I am a Queen Afua girl…thank you thank you sista

  12. Hi Breeze, thanks for sharing with us. I have recently been introduced to Queen Afua as a healer….I dont know much about her work, but hearing you read from her book, an hearing your testimony does help me so much and makes me want to contact her as well. Thank God for people like you and her, who are willing to enlighten and educate. Truly inspirational. Keep up the good work and blessings to you!

  13. Hi, thank you for the video. I have fibroids and was looking for natural ways to shrink them. Your video has a lot of good information. I am starting a green juice cleanse in a few days. Once my juice cleanse is over, I will start eating a plant-based diet. How long did it take to shrink your fibroids? I understand individual results will vary. Thanks again for your help!

  14. Thank you !!!!! I had two copies of the book and gave one to my cousin – moved and lost the other in the move. I love the highlights that you shared and reminded me of the on going process.

  15. Hi Breezie, just saw your video and loved it! I am transitioning also and just wanted some inspiration. I am familiar with Queen Afua’s book but have to purchase it. I’m battling long periods and fibroids also. I know I need to do a colon cleanse. What was the name of the one you mentioned by Biva?

    1. Deva colon cleanse is what I used but you can also go and by Queen Afua’s special cleansing products. Hope that helps and good luck on your healing journey!

  16. Thank you Breeze, I like that picture of you, your hair is beautiful, in the video it looks short is it braided there? Will you do another video soon?

  17. Thank you so very very much for sharing this! It is right on time. I have had this book on my shelf for years collecting dust. I just got diagnosed with fibroids in my mid 40′s and I know it is time to heal my mind, body and spirit. Over the years of dealing with stress and unresolved hurts I have become that vegetarian you mentioned that eats way too much junk food, sugar and diary (been meat free since 95). Your testimony has confirmed it is time I revisit Queen Afua and my healing. I also appreciate you acknowledging that this book is geared towards heterosexual women. I am also a bisexual mother who is married to a man and your affirmation of “taking something good out of it” makes a lot of sense. You seem to be a beautiful person with a calm spirit. Thank you again and many blessings! 🙂

  18. Thank you for the great info. I have several fibroids and I am a whole foods vegan. I have been vegan for about 7 years and 4 of that was raw vegan, prior to that I was a vegetarian. How large was your fibroid? Mine is size of babies head.

  19. Thank you for sharing your experience, I found your video very informative. I was recently diagnosed with fibroids after having an Ovarian Cyst removed two years ago. I will pick up Queen Afua’s book in order to shrink my fibroids which I was advised is now 11 inches Big…. I’m curious if having a fibroid this large can be shrinked down to a safe size to conceive. Currently I am not pregnant but would like to have a child in the near future? Peace & Stay Blessed

  20. Thank you for your warm, intelligent, and thorough discussion of Queen Afua’s book. I love how you stressed critical thinking, and for your viewers to do their own research.

    Again, thank you for sharing your journey. Your video was extremely helpful, dare I say life changing.

    Peace and Light,

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