2 thoughts on “Sistah Vegan: On Consuming Love

  1. i stumbled across your blog vis-a-vis Racialicious vis-a-vis Feministing. i am in an area with terrible internet connection and waited all day for this little video to load.. but it was worth it with impeccable timing. thank you for sharing this: i’m looking at my daily life, seeing where i consume positive ideas, if it’s enough. i’m in a place where i’m slowly understanding that, as you said, i’ve been trying to present an aesthetic that’s not really me. i’m redefining a lot of pieces of myself and being compassionate with myself on things i can’t change.

    again, just thanks for the unintended solidarity :)

  2. Thank you so much for this video. Even though I’m into consuming positive content, I keep thinking that I could use a bit of a soul-cleanse.

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