Sistah Vegan in Munich, Reading List Part II

Below is my new video of what I’m reading in Munich Germany, where I’ll be for the summer. I wanted to talk about the current books that are shaping my consciousness around food, critical race theory, veganism, and feminisms.

By Any Greens Necessary

Obamistan! Land Without Racism

Food of Bodhisattvas: Buddhist Teachins on Abstaining from Meat

Pedagogies of Crossin: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred

By Any Greens Necessary: A Revolutionary Guide for Black Women Who Want to Eat Great, Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Look Phat

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  1. Guten tag!

    Thanks for sharing your reading list. I’m in the middle of developing a bibliography on sexual politics. I’m looking forward to Alexander’s analysis.

    1. I am on chapter 5 right now, “Transnationalism, Sexuality, and The State: modernity’s traditions at the height of empire.” She’s looking at the deployment of sexuality in nation-state formation, “notably the complicity of state and corporate processes in the manufacture of citizenship normativized within the prism of heterosexuality, and the indispensability of both processes to the project of nationbuilding, which often inaccurately is assumed to be a completed project within neo-imperial social formations yet assumed to be always ongoing within the neocolonial.” (181). That’s a mouth ful and I’m trying to unpack it right now. 🙂

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