Conservation and Unethical Food Choices? Yosemite's Contradiction

I spent the last 8 days camping at Yosemite National Park in California with my family. Here is a 10 minute long video about my observations on who Yosemite pays to bring food into the park. I reflect on how the highly processed and packaged “foods” we found in stores and restaurants were completely contradictory to the supposed “conserve water, land, and respect wildlife animals” that the park professes. There are also pictures of the trip that I posted after this video. I have to say that I was really intrigued by the choices that Yosemite makes to support the products of corporate capitalist companies and agri-businesses that are notorious for polluting land, wasting water, disrespecting animals, and causing ill health to the humans in environment ‘outside of clean and pristine Yosemite.’

It was pretty windy when I recorded this so I highly recommend that you listen to this on high WITH EARPHONES. Sorry about that.

Enjoy the slide show below.

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  1. Ha! You put your finger on it. Well, having worked as a ranger at Yosemite, and knowing that most ‘green’ movements are extremely contradictory, I can tell you that those who put up the ‘conserve water’ signs and the like are not the same as those in charge of supplying Yosemite’s markets and gas stations. This kind of thing is common in all ‘developed’ countries who have ‘green’ subcultures (indeed, they may even be dominant cultures). Regardless of the ethics of some, dominance by a few allows this to happen.

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