Sistah Vegan's Kale Smoothie for Toddlers

Here is a video of Sun, who is 22 months old, drinking a kale smoothie.

I fill up my Vitamix blender with

1/3 c Nutiva hempseeds

1 tbsp of Pacifica Hawaiian Spirulina

1/2 apple

1 date pitted

2 c chopped Lacinto Kale

2 tbsp of Health Alliance Lecithin

1 Avocado ( if you don’t have hempseeds)

2 tbsp of hempseed oil (add at the end of blending)

2 strips of raw papaya (or you could use fresh)

1 inch cube of ginger (crucial for digestion)

Fill blender up with water until you have about 2 inches of water from the top. Blend on high for about 1.5 to 2 minutes and you can add ice cubes to cool it down since it tends to get got. A high tech blender is crucial to blend the hempseeds finely.

0 thoughts on “Sistah Vegan's Kale Smoothie for Toddlers

  1. Cannot get over how handsome your boy is!

    Breeze, may I ask where you stand on B12 and veganism/supplements? I’m asking because I’ve noticed you emphasize spirulina in your recipes, but don’t know if you consider it a B12 source.


  2. Greetings Ms. Harper:

    Your baby is so adorable! The eyes say it all!

    This blog is totally awesome! Thank you so much for making your work available online for free. I just finished watching your two videos about Queen Afua’s work. I just started reading her work and find it inspiring. I plan to purchase the book you referenced in those videos and I plan to purchase your book from your website. I am so happy these resources are out there and just wanted to say thank you. Have a great day!

    Mary Ann

  3. My apologies for thread hogging but I wanted to mention something else: I’m so glad that you and some others that you reference concerning corrective nutrition have compassion. It’s been my experience through observation at various blogs aimed at black women that many lack compassion, tolerance, and respect. Thank you again. I plan to comb through your blog and take notes. Thank you.

    1. Dear Mary Ann,

      I think compassion is really important. I am amazed and saddened by so many holistic healthy teachers I encounter who are condescending and judgmental. I don’t know about you, but that’s the least likely style of nutritional ‘encouragement’ I need. LOL


  4. greetings breeze!
    i pray this finds you and yours well. i would love to hear more about your vegan feeding ideas for babies. i have time before my daughter is ready to throw back green smoothies but i’d appreciate your take on when/how to introduce vegan babies to solid food.

    1. @eternitysojourner.

      Sorry for the late reply. not sure how I missed this…

      I know each woman’s situation is different, but Sun got 95% of his calories from being breast milk fed until he was 18 months old. The other 5% was him just wanting to try out certain foods for the most part.

      Just give your toddler whatever you eat that is ‘healthy’ and they’ll gravitate towards it. He like raw kale chips with nutritional yeast. He love the hempsicle pops I make him. I found it not to hard because he ate what I ate and that’s what he got use to. Whole grain bread with olive oil. Organic popcorn made in the air popper. Unsweetened Wildwood soy yogurt. He likes the spirulina-chlorella banana mush I give him. If I give him apple juice, it’s 1 part apple juice 4 parts water. I don’t want him to get used to ‘sweet’ drinks and he loves it that way.

      Hope that helps.


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