Intersections: Black female slave vivisection, non-human animal experimentation, and the foundation of Western gynecology

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In this video, I speak of how Black female slaves were forced to undergo ‘vivisection’ by Dr. Marion Sims, the ‘father’ of Western gynecology. I also speak of how this fits into colonizing both ‘the other’ (Non-white peoples and nature) and how vivisection on non-human animals today is connected to the interlocking system of oppression and suffering that allowed Dr. Sims to repeatedly cut into black female slave’s vagina’s (without anesthesia, remorse, or regret).

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Books for further explorations on these intersections:

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present

Birthing a Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South

Animal Welfare and Anti-Vivisection 1870-1910: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Mission (History of Feminism)

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  1. Brilliant Breeze. I made the connections you point out a long time ago, and have been trying to live in alignment with that understanding (as vegetarian-vegan, animal and human lover). Our life decisions must be consistent to truly dismantle systems of oppression, and it is ALL connected. Love and light to you, and best of luck in your consciousness raising efforts on this matter.

  2. Wow. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing yourself on such a traumatic topic in such an intimate way. My skin tingled the whole time, sometimes crawling with disgust, sometimes with sadness, and sometimes with that feeling of “right on”. Thank you.

  3. Breeze,
    Thanks for the work you do and for this enlightening post. I had no idea and did a little online reading after watching your video. It’s stunning. Thanks for drawing these important connections.

  4. Thank you for this post! This blog has changed my views on animal rights. Seeing the connections between non-human animal opression in the West other forms of oppression really has opened my eyes. Thank for this wonderful blog.

  5. The Tuskegee experiment wasn’t the beginning they have been using us as huma guinea pigs for centuries,as far back as the arabs a millennium.Blacks hav ebene portrayed as a sub species in Western culture. The dehuminization of Black people is well documented ,just recent some of come to light, these barbarians are sick ,i truly believe white racism is a mental illness,it has to be ,will you classify this as ‘normal’ behavior .This is a mental disease they’ve overlooked.

    1. Jeanine,

      I’ll send it to you. And if you don’t get it in the next 48 hours, it’s because I forgot! So just send me a reminder. Her name is Petra Kuppers and she is awesome.


  6. Interesting bloq -itls about time we dealth with the historic degradation and experimentation of African people in the western hemisphere and beyond. Most of the experimentation is still classified and why-this practice continues today,and why ? We ‘re still the human guinea pigs in compledx society how many years will past before we find out about the experiments conducted onus today. We know of the Tuskegee experimentation,doyu think this was th only one- not by any stretch of the imagination the banal beast continues his animal like experimenits on us.Sure we may not be able to prove it. This is my opinion based in conjecture and speculation the beast has not quit, they march to the tunen of deception.

  7. We need to expose the beast in historical context ,show the world what the intentions of the demon is . Their actions is by design, bacterialogical warfare is a planned program by the elitist in science,who do you think orchestraterd the …Tuskegee expderiments of the African Amerikan population.This was not the work of simple minded inbred kkk reactionary crakas. These were higly educated people trained in science who used us as guinea pigs. We need to educate and expose future generations about the genocidal politiics of the institution of racism in this country and around the world.

  8. Do we see the patterns of genocide? It’s self evident their intensions were never noble,the objective was to conquer,pillage, rule and enslave. As an astute student of history my blood boils to temperatures that’ll melt steel and twist the axis of the this planet. How could they be so bold and continue to perpectuate this sick social disease today.They’ve not evolved the barbarism still permeates the souls of the lost maniac.

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