"A Vegan Pregnancy is Selfish: You will kill your baby…"

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I have heard from folk who have not done research, but are overly opinionated, that me doing a vegan pregnancy is selfish and that I will kill my baby. However, a properly planned plant-based diet is not selfish and is possible under the right conditions. In this video, I share information about doing a plant-based dietary pregnancy, opting to do a homebirth with a midwife, and reflecting on how in the West, allopathic medicine has determined that pregnancy is, “always an emergency waiting to happen.” The next video is me talking about how you can help me finish my goal of completing my PhD.

Below is a list of food and other information useful for vegan pregnancy:

Foods To Eat

  • Quinoa
  • . Chia SeedsThey are incredibly rich in calcium. You get 344mg of Calcium for 2 ounces. Always soak your chia seeds for at least ten minutes before eating them. I put them in my smoothies sometimes. 2 tbsp gives you 42% of required fiber for the day. And this is an excellent source for EFAs and has a 4:1 ration of omega 3:Omega 6. profile.
  • Tempeh
  • 1 Gallon of water a day
  • Coconut water if you feel water isn’t enough to hydrate you or replace electrolytes. Coconut water is the perfect isotonic beverage; especially to drink first thing in the morning if you wake up feeling dehydrated and also great to drink id you are working out or right after.
  • Greens, greens, greens: Kale, mustard greens, okra, collards, chard. Kale is my favorite I have heard spinach should be avoided but can’t verify this.
  • Legumes
  • Whole Grains
  • Wildwood Plain Soy Yogurt brand (only one in the USA that doesn’t add sugar and is organic)
  • I make most of my baked goods from whole grains and sweeten them with apple juice, banana, or fresh pineapple or fresh dates.
  • Walnuts are a very healthy nut with great oil. Almonds are great and so are sesame seeds (I eat them in the form of tahini)
  • Papaya (have heard to avoid during 1st trimester, but not sure why)

This list is not nearly as extensive as I would like it to be, as there are many foods to eat, but I’m just going to say it straight up: AVOID THE SHIT if you can. Junk food, highly processed crap that has NO nutritional value at all. I know it’s hard when you have those cravings and I admit that I still eat french fries in moderation, but it really is best to try to avoid eating refined flour, refined salt, processed refined sugar products. Your meals should be whole grainy, high protein, and very colorful. And I can’t emphasize enough, those greens! Kale is exceptional for calcium. Okra is exceptional for childbirth prep and is very amazing. Whole grains will keep you regular. I POOP 3 TIMES A DAY DURING PREGNANCY. They tell you constipation is ‘normal’, but it is not.

Hugs and baby blessings,


I am not a doctor or practitioner of medicine. Please consult your doctor before attempting any of these suggestions. This is what worked for me, as each person is different.

15 thoughts on “"A Vegan Pregnancy is Selfish: You will kill your baby…"

  1. The NERVE of ppl to tryta tell YOU sum mess, while you ARE doin the RIGHT thing, by living a natural, healthy lifestyle!!! Veganism is NATURAL. No one dare says eating meat during pregnancy needs to be “properly monitored” so WHY do ppl ASSume that when a person is vegan, they are lacking something???
    This sad, brainwashed concept DEEPLY saddens me.

    I wish you th best, my sistah, during your fabulaous, HEALTHY, wholistic, vegan pregnancy!!!
    Love & MUCH blessings to u and your fam!!
    Keep doing whatcha do!

    1. I just think people become defensive because my choice to practice a vegan pregnancy seems to make them uncomfortable about their choices. It’s funny because I never judge a woman I see who is pregnant and eating certain items.

      Similarly, one of our family members told some of the other family members that we want to have our toddler watch the homebirth of his sister (if , once the time comes, we feel it’s the right setting). Apparently, certain family members actually sobbed at the prospect of use ‘traumatizing’ our child to ‘watch such a thing.’ I mean, WOW. I don’t even know how to begin respond to that. I want to send them a bunch of links to videos that show women doing homebirths while their young children are watching, excited, learning, being part of the experience.

      I think my son is too young, but it would be awesome if he could catch his sister coming out into the world. I think that would be a life changing event for the little guy. But, we’ll see what goes….

      1. Yes, sistah…
        I totally agree!
        When ppl feel uncomfortable about THEIR bad choices, they wanna SHUN u for doin the right thing, the NATURAL thing. Instead of hatin, they SHOULD learn a thing or two.

        Being vegan (or living holistically) is NOT an opinion, but it is indeed a the natural, intended way of being and it’s imperative that ppl realize this ASAP. Being vegan is NOT only about being non-carnivorous. It is about being balanced physically thru the consumption of natural organic produce, non-processed foods, exercise, good water, good breathing, positivity, love, peace, compassion for ”God’s” creatures, spirituality,mental clarity and just a higher level of existing. THAT goes waaaay deeper than a veggie-burger and some lettuce, lol!

        I’m sure u are prolly against inoculating your seeds with poison, as well.
        Can’t WAIT ta hear what ppl gotta say about THAT! Ppl REALLY needta do their research, things are getting critical and we must not wait around for the ‘man’ to give us directions for our health and well-being.

        (From ONE Black Vegan Sistah to anutha…)
        Peace, Love & Light to u sistah!!!

    2. As a doctor and OBGYN myself I agree with your post. What I don’t agree with is assuming that doctors don’t educated their pt about this. We do. Most don’t listen. I have never heard any of my colleagues saying that vegan diet will kill your babies. Using a Midwife is not necessarily better than a doctor. I was trained in a hospital that used midwives and most of then were awesome. Not all. Same with doctors. So, basically I appreciate the education to the population but there is no need to insult and shame doctor to have your voice heard. 25 % of my population is vegan and no once I have told a pt what you are saying. I do encourage then to seek food rich in protein and good carbs. Good luck in your endeavours and hopefully you have been able to complete your doctorate.

  2. I love this..i will be sure to share this with my clients who maintain a vegan diet. As a student midwife I have seen quite a few women have nutritional issues with maintaining a strict vegan diet. It’s not at all the veganism that seemed to be the issue, but the lack of diversity within it. I love the diverse supplements that you mention. Women who are not vegetarian/vegan tend to eat horribly and have more pregnancy complications that are related to nutrition than those who maintain a more plant based diet. I also tend to see very healthy babies from healthy vegetarian diets. Best wishes on your pregnancy and birth.

    1. @Toya. I do meet a lot of women in general, regardless of dietary philosophy, who don’t know enough about balanced nutrition to have a healthier pregnancy. I think it’s a little more difficult for women who want to go vegan since I have never found a comprehensive book about how to engage in vegan/vegetarian fertility boosting to getting pregnant, to a healthy vegan or vegetarian breastfeeding diet for the baby. I’ve just never seen it and it took a lot for me to learn from my first pregnancy. I had lack of information and resources and didn’t have access to a vegan prenatal nutritionist. I was unable to achieve a full vegan pregnancy with my first child, but with this second one, I learned a lot and found a lot more information (and learned the do’s and don’ts from the first one) and now a vegan pregnancy for me is easier. But, that’s just me.

    2. As an OBGYN i will tell you that although I agree with wholesome diet, no fast food and crapy processed food what you at saying is not true. I have patients with complications on both spectrums. In a long term this kind of diet is what’s best for the body.

  3. Aloha Sister, BT sent me to you years ago & I’ve been a silent follower. My first boy demanded that i be vegetarian through a bout with hyperemesis gravidarum. With his guidance/hormone flushes, I went down to 85 lbs, was hospitalized with home nurses & began a spiritual search that required daily yoga, vegetarianism & an exodus out of LA back to N. CA. He told me all that in utero ~ all that, or die, literally. The moment we thought, oh, we should take on this practice, I would end op in the ER, only to come out when I took on the new lifestyle. They babies, they KNOW. Baby #2 did the same, I was 82 lbs, but flushed out negative + unconscious community members. Baby #3, well, I prayed for to wake up 4 months pregnant with him, & I did, not a day of illness. All of them were born at home, 2 in the bath, one in my studio. Healthy, strong, happy organic vegetarian boys. They start their mornings with frozen fruit + Vega smoothies, they make every meal with me. The oldest (9) wants to start an organic chocolaterie. When folks freak out about nutrition, I remember the months I lay in bed, knowing if I drank a cup of water I’d lose 4 cups of my own self. I truly believe the babies choose their listening mamas, choose their nutritional needs & tells us what to do.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, I became a vegetarian in March and I’m trying to transition into a vegan and trying to follow a more alkaline diet as Dr. Sebi has suggested. A friend just told me about a Queen Afua’s book “heal thyself for health & longevity” & I just found out I’m pregnant and was wondering if I could follow her book & have a healthy pregnancy. If you could email me I have a lot of questions or if I could email you to ask you these questions. What prenatal should I take or what herbs to nourish me & my baby? Please help me my email address is Shanee3k@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

    1. Shanee,


      I would like to help you, but I’m not a certified practitioner. I have listed on this blog, after that video, all the things I take. It’s pretty comprehensive, but I think you should consult with your own practitioner to make sure that what I took is something that you can take, as everyone has different bodies.

      There is also the new comprehensive pregnancy and vegan book that came out, by a long time pro-vegan nutritionist, Reed Mangels: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Everything_Vegan_Pregnancy_Book.html?id=vvd_usKS4K0C

      I am not sure if Queen Afua’s books address pregnancy at all. I don’t remember them doing that, but Mangels book is a really useful guide.

    2. I wish you soul well, sistar! I’ve known about you a while and finally reaching out! I’ve been back and forth vegan-vegetarian! I’m really about this life and in my career as well being plantbased. And my career in Willingboro NJ kind of sucks because I need a way to be confident. I need some advice! I don’t have my own salon yet! Before I do offer a vegan holistic lifestyle to the community, I need receptive ppl and followers not just coming for a hairstyle. I’m wondering if I shld change my career and mind my business. I’m feeling tight

  5. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child, and all (except with my oldest) were vegan pregnancies. My children are and have always been very healthy. The two in which I had vegan pregnancies were not born early and were a healthy weight (8 lbs and 7 lbs 13 oz). Currently, I am 25 weeks pregnant, and, when I recently had all of my labs done, everything was perfect. My protein, vitamin b12, and iron are all excellent! Many times I have had critics say that it is impossible for vegans to have labs like mine. However, in all of the research that I have done and my personal experience of being vegan for 17 years, I know that a vegan diet is not only acceptable, but optimal.

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