Critical Vegan Interventions: Black female slave vivisection, non-human animal experimentation, and the foundation of Western gynecology

Update: Before watching the video about “Critical Vegan Interventions: Black female slave vivisection, non-human animal experimentation, and the foundation of Western gynecology” I just wanted to say that if my work has benefited you, or you have enjoyed watching my critical race scholarship and/or health advice over the past few years, I’m wondering if you can return a favor. My fellowship to pursue critical race and critical vegan studies at the doctoral level was not renewed for 2011-2012, through University of California, Davis. I would like to finish my PhD and need some help. I know the goal may seem overwhelming, but I have about a combined support network/friends/followers of 1000 people (through Facebook, blog subscribers, and Twitter followers). If you could spare $10 to $25 a piece, then this goal could be met I think.

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In this video, I speak of how Black female slaves were forced to undergo ‘vivisection’ by Dr. Marion Sims, the ‘father’ of Western gynecology. I also speak of how this fits into colonizing both ‘the other’ (Non-white peoples and nature) and how vivisection on non-human animals today is connected to the interlocking system of oppression and suffering that allowed Dr. Sims to repeatedly cut into black female slave’s vagina’s (without anesthesia, remorse, or regret).

The next video is me talking about how you can help me finish my goal of completing my PhD.

Books for further explorations on these intersections:

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present

Birthing a Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South

Animal Welfare and Anti-Vivisection 1870-1910: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Mission (History of Feminism)

0 thoughts on “Critical Vegan Interventions: Black female slave vivisection, non-human animal experimentation, and the foundation of Western gynecology

  1. Hi Breeze
    this video is one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard. Thank you! It brought tears to my eyes.
    As someone who used to eat (a lot of) meat, I think it’s just easier to not think about what you are doing and justify the suffering of living beings in the name of your desire to eat something tasty, by stating that this is “how it’s always been”. Ignorance is a very cosy place.
    And then again it’s maybe more difficult than that – for me to quit eating meat meant also to break some unspoken rules in my family. Talking about the fact that a schnitzel or a steak is a part of a dead animal that died only so we can eat it and stating that this is not something I want to be part of anymore, made people around me actually very angry. Because it’s such a girly thing to do (which is a very very bad thing, of course), because when I grow older I’ll eventually realize how ridiculous this idea is and eat meat again since it’s just too tasty not to, because at some point I’ll realize that I won’t be able to change the world and I’ll quit thinking about stuff I cannot change and I should just “be a man about it” and not whine about the cute little fury animals, but just eat them (because they taste good). Well I guess thinking about ones privileges is a very very difficult thing to do BECAUSE everybody knows the world is an unfair place, but to take responsibility for the role one plays in this system is harder then just block it out and eat something tasty as a distraction instead. So there’s consequences if you let yourself really feel the empathy for all the suffering. Not just for your psyche but also socially.
    But still – I don’t get it either, how can it be okay that someone suffers for your pleasure? I mean, really… In the end it’s actually so simple – just respect everyone and everything, so the idea of eating, or experimenting on, or torturing someone won’t even cross your mind.
    Thank you again for your video! very very inspiring
    hugs, Jasmine

  2. Janine Grevious: this book was the beginning of a drastic change in eating for me…and complementary to my already changing morals and ideals. Peace to all who contributed a work in this masterpiece!! Give Thanks!
    I get paid tomorrow and will mos def make a donation. Peace Sis

  3. Breeze,
    I’ve just subscribed to your blog and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. I think it is very important work. I am a PhD student myself; my activist and academic work are in abolitionist veganism. I’ve been trying to promote your work on Francione’s forum, but I’ve been meeting resistance because folks are having trouble getting through the academic jargon. I was wondering if you had a blog entry, a video, or some other media where your points are succinctly and clearly made (with examples) in a way that a non-academic can fully comprehend. I know that is a lot to ask given the complexity of the issues.

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