Working against time: Nursing while dissertating about whiteness and veganism

I am working against time before my 2011 fellowship funding disappears next month to write my dissertation as much as possible. I wonder how many other post partum PhD candidates spend their baby moon week working on their dissertation…. LOL Yes, I’m nursing while trying to read a book and type up my dissertation,

I had a 7 hour labor and gave birth at home to a girl on July 30 at 10:05 AM PST: 9.5lb. Don’t tell me you can’t grow big babies practicing veganism while pregnant LOL.

Thank you to those who donated to my dissertation fellowship fund. So far you have contributed $4500 of my $10,000 goal. Very awesome. For those of you new to my page, here is a video that explains how I need help to finish my dissertation because my funding was not renewed. This is why I am semi-frantically writing my dissertation while doing the mandatory postpartum bedrest thang/babymoon. My funding end next month.

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  1. I feel you. I nursed both my babies while holding down a couple of jobs, trying to finish college and a husband stationed in Korea. It is possible and very worth it. I also tried to bring my children up on a mainly vegan diet.
    They both have terminal degrees and successful careers.
    I admire you so much. Hang on in there. You are a shining exmple for your children, mothers and women.

  2. You and your child are beautiful! Congratulations. Best of lick handling everything (and everyone) at once.

  3. @Barbara. no apologies necessary . I know she beautiful !!! 🙂 She is on my lap right now sleeping while I write my chapter about exotic and ‘vegan’ food labeling.

  4. Congratulations to you, your husband and Sun on this wonderful little girl!!!! Sending you warm wishes and “productive brain waves.”


  5. Hi Breeze and congratulations on your beautiful new family member! Yet another proof that vegan pregnancy is a beautiful practice and not “irresponsible” as I have heard many say.
    I recently read your contribution to Sister Species and found it very compelling. I am now eagerly awaiting my copy of Sistah Vegan! As a white-identified vegan within the feminist care ethic, I am excited to learn more about your work and integrate the perspective you present into my understanding of veganism. 🙂
    Very best wishes,

    1. Dear Lisa,

      Thank you for your support! She is still thriving off of my breastmilk (which is made from my whole foods vegan diet) and is already 12.2lb as of this morning. She is a good sleeper and pretty serene.


  6. Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous daughter! I’ve just read through most of your blog and I wanted to thank you. Your work is both insightful and very much needed.

  7. Hi Breeze,

    My name is Adam and I work at Hampshire College. I found your blog after reading your chapter contribution in Sister Species. I have since purchased and started reading Sistah Vegan. Reading your work has made me really happy because it speaks to so much of my own struggle as a vegan social justice educator. Your gift for speaking to the intersections of animal exploitation and all of the “isms” is one that I think the social justice community would greatly benefit from.

    I’m wondering if you would be at all interested in presenting via Skype for an hour or so. We would certainly pay you. I think your words would be particularly thought-provoking because we have a lot of students who are vegan, and there is sometimes a deep-rooted cynicism on campus from others who believe that veganism is a White, class privilege. I realize this comment form is public, but I could not find an email address. If you are interested, please email me at your convenience.

    Thank you – for all of this. It is a step that is, in my opinion, needed by the world of academia, by people with historically marginalized identities, and by our textbook “post-racial” White vegans who are lacking a critical consciousness about other social justice issues.


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