Studying racialization in vegan cultural studies


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0 thoughts on “Studying racialization in vegan cultural studies

  1. I am very grateful to see you here. My PhD is in Planning with a focus in Historic Preservation, which is a stark white field and I have a decidedly critical race theory perspective on the history and historiography of planning. My effort is also a reclaiming effort of sustainability principles and lifeways derived from reconstruction era informal black communities. My hope is to excavate this knowledge in the hope that it revives a practical self-determination movement for black people to use to engage pubic policy around housing and municipal planning. Listening to you, I could relate to a bit of what you are experience. I am only a first year PhD, but it is clear already that I will have to be confident and determined. Thank you for your work. I’m not Vegan, but seeing what you are doing is making me rethink it.
    Oh, and I sent you a little something by way of paypal.
    Thanks again,

  2. Great work, Breeze!
    So interesting, so true, and so important.
    Just one minor observation:
    In your preface, instead of “aesthetically white” I think “phenotypically white” might work best.
    Good luck to you!
    And Congratulations on your baby.

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