Sistah vegan on Maca, gettin' your vegan libido on, and finishing her PhD


In this video I talk about Sol Raiz organice Maca powder that I have been taking to create healthy libido, postpartum, and grow my hair back. I also update people on how I’m trying to handle “nursing on demand” and the challenges of being the primary caretaker of 2 children under the age of 3, while living in a nation in which there isn’t much structural and institutional support to help mothers (or the primary caretakers of pre-school age children which usually do end up being females).

The brand of Maca I by is by Sol Raiz:


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  1. Happy New Year…. SISTAH !

    I have introduced Chinese Angelica Root to the women in my family, young & old, and all have found denifit from it. In China for thousands of years it has been known as “Womens ginseng”.

    I think you might find this herb equally intresting…

    Chinese Angelica Root or Dang Gui, also known as Tang-Kuei, and Radix Angelicae Sinensis.

    The Angelica Root is use to nourish the blood. It can strenghten the liver, heart, and spleen. Effective against menstrual disorders, and invigorating blood circulation.; Used primarily in China for thousands of years on women who suffer abnormal or severe menstrual problems. During menopause, women were often given Angelica to relieve hot flashes and other associated symptoms.

    Additionally, Angelica is used on men and women to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and circulation. It is rumored in legend to have been revealed to humans by an angel in a dream as a cure for the bubonic plague.

    It is highly revered in Chinese traditional medicine as second only to Ginseng and is commonly known as the “female ginseng.”

    Chinese angelica root is one of the few good non-animal sources of Vitamin B12

  2. it’s so unfortunate that situations like these happen. plenty of anthropological studies have shown the immense benefits from breastfeeding on demand (from the milk itself to the adult-child interaction to the physical contact) and just simply being around your child. everything from cognitive development and early self-awareness to overall better health for young babies has been shown to be a factor of breastfeeding.
    it’s just disheartening that this system is set up to where those that want to do such have to be in a specific tax bracket.

  3. I hear you on the difficulties of completing a PhD under tough financial circumstances. Been there, done that. My (unsolicited) advice: take out a loan. I know your reaction will probably be a resolute “absolutely not” but I truly encourage you to overcome your reservations. I took out a loan toward the end and it was worth it-it allowed me to complete my project at a time when institutional help was an impossibility. Managed, calculated debt will allow you to focus and complete your dissertation and care for your kids in the dignified and productive manner you want. You are almost done-think of a loan as a bridge to what is now a plainly visible “other side.” I paid mine off-so will you.

  4. I don’t have kids yet, I know the struggles for women are hard when you are taking care of babies/toddlers and trying to work and go to school. I envy Scandinavian countries where they give women paternity leave to stay home with kids and they also pay them a salary too. It’s a nice system that helps families be together more and help them out financially. It’s a shame our country is too individualistic in terms of support of a fellow citizen.

    I heard about Maca before. The benefits are good from what I hear also. I wouldn’t mind trying it out. I wish you luck on everything!

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