Breeze's Boobs on Stage: Breastfeeding on demand is food justice

Who else is sick of being told that breastfeeding on demand should not be accommodated!? (sigh)

Breastfeeding on demand is a food justice issue. It is a right that is often not respected in the USA to its fullest. This video is my spiel on that….

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  1. Breeze, I absolutely agree – breast feeding on demand is food justice. I can never get myself breastfeeding publicly in a restaurant, I usually just go to the restroom. Its weird to have to hide something so beautiful & natural. In general however I breastfeed where & whenever I want.
    I find too that formula fed children are often put on a schedule & then don’t really get to as freely interact as they want to.

  2. We live in a society that is addicted to stupidity. Most are totally removed from the natural (real) world, and this has been going on long before baby bottles. False modesty is a product of the errors and mistakes of religious dogma.

    I watched a program on the Amish, and noted the selected excerpts from the Bible that are used to define religious rules–generally not those of high principles and morality, but minor trivia. Same thing was seen in a program on The Church of Latter Day Saints/Morman..

    People, in general, are unable to think for themselves, so they follow whatever authority they are given. I do no want to think that change is impossible, but meanwhile, all I can think is to MOVE to an intelligent community.

    I’ve often wished i cold have grabbed my children and “headed for the hills.” It’s too late for them. Not younger people.

  3. Hi Breeze,
    Im not yet a mother or vegan. Since finding your website I have been making alot of changes in my life. You are soooo inspiring and on a whole other level! I pray that you continue to find the resources you need to share your infectious truth.
    Light & Love! Namaste-

  4. I know it’s easy to go down the route of ‘Scandanavia is so much better!’, but the fact is that our country has a load of issues to deal with that those countries simply don’t. A rich country with a small population (Norway is 4 million v. our 300 million) can afford have those benefits because everyone is willing to pay for everyone else. (Politicians won’t get elected there if they ‘threaten’ to lower taxes.)

    Personally, I would be pretty upset having to pay more tax to support one year off at full wages for new moms. I think if you want to have children you need to actually sit down and figure out all the things that go along with that and not depend on the government to do that for you. I do however support paternity leave, particularly the kind that can be used flexibly, i.e. mom goes back to work after three months and then dad can take over for three, etc.

    I know that you’ll probably disagree with my points, but the money does have to come from somewhere and quite frankly our country is already living beyond our means, so more welfare policies at this point wouldn’t be a great idea.

  5. Excuse me for having learned that tribes-societies once were aware of the need to survive by protecting and providing for all members of the tribe. Remnants from infants to the old and infirm have been found, by archeologists and anthropologists, protected by able bodied members of the tribe. I recently read of a crippled fossil that would not have survived without being carried by a tribal member. Bones were bound and healed, demonstrating that the selfishness with which we assume our ancestors lived is not accurate.

    Money is a token of value–not the value itself. It developed as a commodity with the purpose of ease of transfer–a medium of exchange, and the paper and electronic transfers current have no intrinsic worth. Human energy, physical and mental, is the value

    To assume that current ideas and forms have been universal is short sighted. Fear and inability to comprehend commonality in the tribe (community) is only hastening genocide of the species Selfishness is human hubris, concepts such as “our country,” a we versus them perception will be a loss, not a benefit. The Scandinavians may be the models for survival. Those who are aware and alert that NEW/ re-discovered ideas, ideals and actions are worthy of survival. not reactionary blobs.

  6. I agree with everything you said in the video. There should be more things done to accommodate women with babies and children.Breastfeeding is a normal thing (women been breastfeeding since the dawn of time, lol) and it shouldn’t be shunned. It’s sad to see that the most natural things of being a human is seen a negative.

    I wish we would adopt a more Scandinavian approach to family welfare and paternity leave.

  7. Amy, to view ourselves as separate from one another is a symptom of the type of population we have become. We all have lost to some degree the connection to one another & I am not trying to sound haughty because the same befalls me. When I stand to think about it I find more clarity. Also reading Gwendolyn’s responses helped me realize the connection that is intergenerational in nature and dates back to our tribal roots. Something to ponder, seriously just sit with it.

  8. Lol When I was in Ecuador my friend made a joke about the fast food the babies enjoyed. I loved it! It was anytime anywhere. We would be in the market and women were walking around doing their things WHILE breastfeeding. So great. 🙂

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