Breeze's Boob juice recipe: Breastfeeding on a vegan diet works!

Eva Luna is in the 99th percentile for her age for a 6 month old. Solely breastfed. The video reveals my “secret.”

  1. Raw hemp Protein 50% (30g/day) (Nutiva brand):
  2. Spirulina (Hawaiian by Pacifica):
  3. Maca Root 1 tsp (Sol Raiz Organics Brand):
  4. Coconut Manna (Nutiva Brand):
  5. 1-2 Avocados.
  6. Garden of Life Raw Protein  (17g scoop serving):
  7. Kale Smoothies: 4-5 Lacinato Kale leaves, fresh ginger , 1-2 pitted dates, avocado , water 20-25 oz (depends on how thick you want it); 1 lemon juiced,, spirulina 1-2 tsp
  8. Herbal tea: lemon balm, rooibos , nettles.
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  1. peace breeze. omnivore borderline vegetarian here. i am still nursing my 14mos old. he eats well but i’ve noticed he prefers to nurse more often these days. some days, i don’t feel like my supply is sufficient. would love some ideas to be more successful with a healthy transition.

  2. lol, I liked this video. Although I don’t have any kids (yet), I do like your support of breast feeding. My mom tells me when I was a baby that I didn’t like being breast fed so she gave me formula. :/ I wouldn’t do that to my baby when the time comes to that. I also like that shes not vaccinated. I hear some vaccinations make kids even more sick and are unnecessary to get.

    1. Sarah, each woman and baby are different. Each situation is different. I am not sure why some babies don’t want to nurse while others do. I have heard parents who have multiple children saying things like, “My son stopped wanting to nurse at 2 months old so then we put him on formula… but my other son was addicted to the boob until he was 4 years old, and then I had to cut him off.”

      Vaccinations are not simply ‘bad’ vs. ‘good’. I think it’s situational and it depends on many factors. At this time in our lives, my family has decided that the kids don’t need vaccinations, but things changes and we are always open to that. I’m just saying that we can plan for the best that we want to give to our children, but it if doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean we’re ‘bad’ mothers or fathers (or whomever is the guardian of that child). We’re just doing the best we can 🙂

  3. I find it curious that as someone who aspires to consume ethical foods, you would be into the processed products you endorse in this post–I think in a recent post you were decrying corporate, capitalist food, yet these kinds of products are literally made in factories (by who? and where?), trucked/shipped in from far away, and owned by MBAs and scientists with ties to Big Pharma and Big Food. It doesn’t take much digging to uncover those ties, either…why not stick to whole foods from farms you know and trust?
    Thanks for reading, I’m a queer, mixed-ethnicity food justice activist and long-time lurker. I’ve got a million other things to ask you someday.

    1. Exactly. I aspire but am also aware that I can’t , right now in my life, stick to buying only from farms I know and trust, 100% of the time. I share with readers the raw products that I use (which are not ‘processed’ in the standard sense but are raw). But yes, they are shipped from far away such as the coconut manna. However, I check with Nutiva and Sol Raiz and they source their ingredients using ethical (I know, it is subjective) sources.

      The overall point of my work is to talk about how ethical is not ‘objective’ and is always changing depending on person, time, place. I try to name my social location and own privileges in how i construct my own sense of ethics and if most of us raised and living in the USA can fully ‘decolonize’ our lives.

      Probably 80% of the food we do buy in our household is local bulk goods from the area. My kale, avocadoes, nuts, seeds, veggies, berries, rice, . The list I display for my boob juice recipe is not the only thing i support or eat.

      Thanks for reading and continuing the dialogue.


  4. Would you be interested in sharing an example of your daily diet? I’ve been vegan since December and want to make sure I am getting enough of everything in my daily diet. Thanks.

  5. Hello. My baby is 7 weeks old and I just want to know if you checked with a pediatrician before using Garden of Life Raw Protein? I want to start using it but it had a warning about nursing on it. Thanks

    1. Heidee,

      I actually have never taken my children to a pediatrician or asked for a pediatrician’s approval. I get most of my information from midwives and from non-allopathic practitioners and literature. I know, ‘to each their own’, but I didn’t really have any concern with using the raw protein while pregnant or nursing. They say not to take MOST herbs and supplements while nursing or pregnant because it has not been FDA approved or tested. Because of this, I seek other research outside of the biopharm/fda controlled ‘medical world’ to understand what foods and herbs are healthy to consume while pregnant or lactating. With that said, I would advise that if you are concerned, talk to your practitioner and get 1 or 2 other opinions from people in non-allopathic medicine such as a midwife or a holistic postanal nutritionist.

      And congrats on your baby 🙂

  6. hi breeze! thanks so much for all this great information. I have been enjoying reading your blog. Its so informative on so many levels.. It has been especially helpful.
    I am currently breastfeeding my second baby. he is now 6 months old. I am curious to know, if you are familiar with any herbs that would increase breast milk? I feel that he is experiencing a growth spurt at the moment. although, i keep him on the breast as much as possible and pump when working i find that the amount of milk i produce is on the low side. at least, this is what i see when i pump. i typically will get 1 to 1 1/2 ounces out of each breast. any information that you can share if at all possible is greatly appreciated 🙂
    Thank you again,

    1. I drink A LOT of nettle leaf powder in the form of tea. I but from Mountain Rose Herbs and I simmer 1 tbsp in 12 oz of water for about 3 minutes and then let it cool, stir, and drink the entire thing. I don’t strain. I do this 3 times a day. I also drink rooibos and eat a lot of kale. Greens in general, are good to boost milk production. Lastly, just before I go to bed, I drink about 30g of raw vegan protein (hemp by Nutiva is my favorite). I feel like you need a lot of protein during night time if you co sleep and nurse all night. I find that very helpful. Also, MCAS like coconut fats are great for upping milk production and giving it a more fatty content, as well as avocados.

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