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Angela Davis on eating chickens, Occupy, and including animals in social justice initiative of the 99%

I asked Angela Davis about extending compassion beyond humans as part of social justice and making Occupy Movement successful.

I got to ask her my question about something she alluded to in her keynote, that sounded like she is pro-vegan and anti-speciesist. My husband video recorded my question and the answer she gave me. I felt silly that I didn’t have a copy of Sistah Vegan on me so she could have that reference! ARGGGHHH!!!

And yes, I mispronounced her name… but I was nervous dammit! I mean, it’s not like everyday I get to ask one of my top critical feminist theorists a question! Here is the entire talk: (or go here if it doesn’t load:¬†

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11 thoughts on “Angela Davis on eating chickens, Occupy, and including animals in social justice initiative of the 99%

  1. She is a vegan and has been for years.

  2. Great video..and I am glad you gave more of in-depth question so she knew the right way to respond… :) go breeze….Go VEGAN

  3. Good for you! I would have enjoyed her flat out advocating for veganism…but at least she didn’t dismiss the reality.

    It’s sort of amusing to think about your nervousness, I’m so old I remember when Angela was scaring the hell out of white folks just with her hair and her stare. :-)

  4. That’s amazing! I would be nervous in her presence too, lol. You did good and she answered it wonderfully. I wonder if the whole panel discussion was recorded? That would be awesome to see.

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