Kick that cold’s butt, vegan style: Boosting your immune system with vegan holistic wellness

I was getting sick whenever my toddler would bring something home from the playground… but then I added these things to my diet and haven’t been sick since. This also works very well if you do have the cold or flu already and need to fight it fast. Watch the video to see what I added.

*Grapefruit Seed Extract (Nutribiotic brand):

*Elderberry (boil in water. Never eat fresh elderberry or dried berries unless you have boiled them. If you don’t, you will poison yourself with cyanide that is found in the berry. The cyanide is neutralized through boiling them. If you are scared to do this yourself, then by a tincture of elderberry)
Click here– for Dried elderberry
Click here for —> Elderberry extract

*Ginger (fresh)

*Kale (fresh)

*Eucalyptus Essential Oil (don’t eat, just inhale). USE Radiata not Globolus species.


Furthermore, if you already have a cold or flu, please note that this helpful:

* Cat’s Claw. I swear by it. The only reason I don’t take it is because it can’t be taken while pregnant or nursing. I recommend the tea over the tincture. Decoct the bark tea for about 20 minutes. Drink 2-3 times per day. Here is more information

* Don’t eat acidifying foods. I know it’s hard, but stay away from anything that isn’t “life-giving”. The top three things that most people do, while they are sick is eat things that make them sicker: fried food, sugar, and coffee. Take it out now. The rhino virus loves sugar and caffeine.

*Simmer several garlic cloves in vinegar. Or, you can chop up lots of fresh garlic and infuse it into olive oil and then take it that way after about an hour. I prefer that over simmering garlic. Raw garlic hurts my tummy, but the vinegar or the olive oil prevents that for most people who can’t handle the allicin. Try eating a 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of the minced stuff every 4 hours.   You’ll have dragon breath, but, whatever. The upside is that you’ll have lot of energy and it increases sexual libido LOL.

*Lots of catnip tea to break the fever and decongest your nose.

*Olbas essential oils. Drop it in newly boiled water and cover your head and inhale it.

*Plenty of rest and sleep and fluids that are non-caffeinated and non-sugar. Don’t get dehydrated.

*Don’t take over the counter decongestants or Nyquil. I know it sucks that I say this, but herbal and food healing are the way to go. These over the counter drugs don’t actually cure or kill any virus or make your immune system stronger. STAY AWAY FROM AFRIN.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or certified health practitioner. Always consult your practitioner before trying anything I suggest on Sistah Vegan blog and videos

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  1. hey Breeze,
    this may be a bit off topic, but it does have to do, in part, with something i believe you said in your response to the article about how bad the vegan diet was for babies.
    you said that if you don’t soak chia seeds in water for 15 minutes, you’ll get really sick. i’ve been putting chia seeds in my smoothies for maybe most of this year, and i just put them straight in without soaking. maybe 1-2 tablespoons in a single-serve smoothie size. i also put them in pancakes every now and then. but i got stomach ache after i drank a smoothie and some pancakes a while back for the first time, and i thought that may have something to do with it. i’ve been soaking them in water ever since, but i just wanted to know if there was a certain amount that would make you sick.

    also, i wanted to know if you had any comments on alkaline/ionized water. i’ve heard that it’s good for your system, more so than regular or tap water. i just wanted to know if you’d tried it, or have any comments on whether it’s good for you or not.


    1. I think soaking them is vital. If u don’t, the seeds suck up the water in your tummy and that makes you sick. Chia seeds hold 10 times their volume in water . So if you dont soak them before hand, they absorb the water in your system , and if you aren’t hydrated enough, you get sick.

      Alkaline water is great for you, but we don’t have that system in our house. We use the environ 10 stage filters.

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