Vegan Vagina, Libido, and Keeping it Moist: Creating a Happy Yoni

Dr. A. Breeze Harper


Yup, that’s right.

I said “vagina.”

Stop being squeemish. (LOL)

For real, though, let’s talk about vaginal health. Yea, it’s a broad topic, but I am going to focus on maintaining vaginal moisture through herbs and food.

They sell so much lube in the stores, I have always wondered if it is ‘normal’ that so many vaginas in the USA have problems with ‘dryness’. I mean, what did people do before AquaLube?

Throughout my life, I have talked to so many adults with vaginas, sexually active or not, who are having major problems with finding a way to be wet all the time. Many experience chaffing and have to use personal lubricant just to walk around comfortably.

So, here I am, Sistah Vegan, about to talk about some suggestions to kept that vegan vagina’s moisture in harmony. And yea, you can consider these suggestions even if you aren’t vegan. But I wanted to focus on vegan vaginas more because I have also spoken to a significant number of those with vaginas who have transitioned into veganism and then make the observation that their libidos are non-existent and/or they are having problems with vaginal wetness. It’s not the vegan diet, it’s probably just the fact that you aren’t getting what you need in your diet.

  1. Dammit, drink at least 70 oz of water per day. And this is if you are NOT even pregnant or lactating. If you are lactating and or pregnant (or both), drink at least a gallon a day. The water can’t be some dead chlorinated liquid. Filtered water is healthier. Stop drinking anything and everything that makes your body acidic. Stop the sodas and coffee and try to purify through water and reproductive health balancing teas.
  2. What herbal teas? These: Red Clover (don’t take if you are pregnant), Nettles Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Oatstraw. I personally don’t do all of these and prefer drinking 3-4 cups of Nettles leaf tea. Make sure you simmer your Nettles in boiling water for 3 minutes to neutralize the stinging component. 
  3. Want a method to achieve orgasm and healthy libido that isn’t tested on animals? Try Hypnosis Erotica. Seriously, this stuff works!!!!
  4. Slippery Elm. The name says it all. Slippery Elm is from the bark of a tree and can be made into a tea or a porridge. It is highly nutritious and has a plethora of medicinal uses. It is very hydrating and after taking it for a few days, you will notice that your vegan vagina will be oozing vaginal fluid.
  5. Okra. That’s right. That slimy stuff my dad used to make in boiling water is actually good for your vegan vagina.
    Chop it up and mix it with flax seed oil and eat it…raw. That’s right. Don’t complain about the taste and stop with that look of horror on your face. LOL. If that is too much for you, try baking okra on low, lathered in olive oil for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Eat it several times a week. If you’re pregnant, it’s excellent to eat throughout the pregnancy. That nasty slimy sh*t that used to freak me out when my dad ate it is REALLY healthy. That slime gets in your system and helps ease labor because it makes your vaginal canal uber slimey to pass that big headed baby through.
  6. Chia Seeds. Only in USAmerica would a company take such a sacred seed and turn it into a freaking chia pet. Seriously, WTF!? Well, that Chia Pet is a distraction from that real purpose of chia seeds. Not only are these little seeds packed with tons of protein, calcium, and EFAs, they are amazing in restoring and maintaining the moisture in your body. This little black seeds hold up to 10 times their own volume in water. Soak your seeds, about 1-2 tbsp a day in 10-15 oz of water for 15 minutes before drinking the chia seed drink. People eat chia seeds without soaking or grinding the seeds. You need soak chia seed in water or you’ll destroy your tummy and feel like poop. I recommend actually soaking them over night, but if you’re too impatient for the you can soak them for about 15 minutes. I soak them over night and it helps be assimilate the nutrients in them much better.
  7. Okay, if you’re vegan you better be eating EFAs. Chia seeds are high in Omega 3-6-9. But you also need to be getting those good fats and DHA in your diet. Take a vegan source of DHA. I take 400 – 600 mg of Deva Algae based DHA each day (I’m nursing, that is why. You probably just need 200-400 if you aren’t nursing or aren’t preggers). I eat 1 avocado a day as well and about 1/4 c of hemp seeds.
  8. By far, I think Maca Root  has had a profound effect on me. I have spoken about it many times in the past. It’s great to balance the hormones in a way that makes your libido healthy. A lot of women experience low libido for many reasons, but one of these major reasons is that the hormonal system is not in balance. This could be because of postpartum issues or you could be entering menopause. I recommend dim based hormonal supplements to rebalance your estrogen. There’s is a special heirloom variety called Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon and I really feel the difference in comparison to the standard ones they sell in the store. Not all Maca is the same and most people are buying low quality varieties that don’t have the same effects as the Chacon one.
  9. Exercise! At least 20-30 minutes a day.
  10. Spicy food. Come on, I can’t be the only one who wants to get ‘freaky’, once I overdose on spicy Indian or Pakistani food. Fresh ginger, cayenne, and turmeric increase libido and vaginal wetness. Garlic too, but it’s really quite ‘fragrant’ and it’s hard to get your freak on with your significant other if you smell like a garlic pizza. But, if that turns your lover on, go for it!
  11. Sleep and relaxation. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  12. Want a method to achieve orgasm and healthy libido that isn’t tested on animals? Try Hypnosis Erotica. Seriously, this stuff works!

I have to say that of the 10, the top 4 that I really suggest are the Hypnosis Erotica, Slippery Elm, drinking a lot of healthy water, and the Maca Root.

If you want to learn more about sexual health and increasing your vagina’s happiness as a vegan wombman, I recommend reading the chapter in the Sistah Vegan book by Angelique Shofar, who beautifully tells you the vegan foods to eat to make a happy yoni. The chapter is called “The Food and Sex Link.” You can buy a copy here: Sistah Vegan: Food, Identity, Health, and Society: Black Female Vegans Speak . Other sexuality related blog pieces that you may enjoy can be found here, where I talk about my new social fiction novel that comes out this summer and explores the sexuality of a young Black teenage girl, struggling with living in rural White New England.

If you enjoyed learning about your/the yoni, or other work I have done, if it has helped you, your organization, your students, your family, etc, and you want to see it go to the next level of a non-profit social justice organization, please contribute what you can by clicking on the GOFUNDME Link below. My non-profit will offer webinars and literature about reproductive health that are holistic and plant-based. If you do not want to use this method, but prefer paypal, click on the link on the right upper corner of this blog page to donate via PAYPAL.


Disclaimer: Please consult your practitioner before trying anything on this suggestion list.

86 thoughts on “Vegan Vagina, Libido, and Keeping it Moist: Creating a Happy Yoni

  1. I love chia seeds, especially cooked with my oatmeal. They seem to be one of the new trendy items in the health food world, and for good reasons. They pack so much nutrients in such a small punch!

    Where do chia seeds grow? Is our increasing demand for chia seeds affecting those communities either positively or negatively?

  2. Great article Breeze! I was in need of store-bought lubricants as well until I started drinking Maca.

    1. How long did you have to drink the Maca before seeing an improvement in dryness? I’ve been drinking it for about a week now with no improvement.


  3. i have also just discovered chia pudding, its awesome! soak them with generous amount of coconut &/or soy etc milk overnight, add a little sweetener, and some berries, yum. and frozen blueberries mixed in makes it bright purple! i’m gonna try some pandan paste next time, then i can have a vegan feminist purple & green pudding 🙂
    wikipedia says australia is the largest commercial producer of chia seeds (and then south american countries). that makes me feel bettter (as i’m in oz). i’d also been wondering if poor communities were being damaged in some way be this latest rich-hippy fad, but i’m guessing things are mostly ok in oz, and probably suits our climate better then european crops we grow.

  4. Hi Breeze,

    Interesting stuff, as usual!!

    So, pardon my ignorance, how do you prepare tea or porridge from slippery elm (based on the linked product)? Can it be added to oatmeal or does one cook it like oatmeal? How about for tea?

    I’m really curious about this product but, again, have no idea how to proceed.

    Also, is there a “sustained” regular dosage suggestion or should one consume it temporarily, “as needed”?

    BTW-your whole emphasis on hydration is terrific. Drinking more water has made a difference for me (including 2-3 full glasses in the morning before my cup of coffee;as you pointed out in an earlier post, it is crazy to ingest a diuretic first-thing after an 8-9 hour fast).

    Thanks again for your terrific blog!!

  5. Haha I loved this post. Funny and informative. I am a nursing major and when I saw the word vagina I gasped like omg… Did she just say that! Lol idk why when I deal with all kinds of stuff all the time. Great post

  6. Very interesting! I love the tone of this article too! No need to feel squeamish if the author isn’t 🙂

  7. As a Raw Vegan Chef I suggest, to receive the maximum nutrition and desired effects, do not heat any of the wonderful herbs or other foods suggested here. Utilizing proper soaking times and/or grinding these foods is best. For ex. chia seeds in smoothies is great or soaked overnite in a bowl of org. rolled oats and nut/seed mylk. Thanks sooo much for your service to the community by providing this very informative forum!!! Peace…

  8. Hi! I enjoyed your article. I have a question. What are your thoughts on nursing and doing a 60 day jucing fast?
    Thank you!

  9. Although I am not a vegan, I absolutely LOVE this article! You gave some really sound tips for keeping the feminine power center healthy and luscious! Thanks for writing such a wonderful article.

    1. Only if you can do me a favor 🙂

      Can you answer this? How did you hear about this article I have written? It’s gotten nearly 5,000 hits today and I have no idea where it’s linked to. I usually get about 300-400 hits per day, so I’m impressed that it’s gone somewhere on the web in which it’s becoming very popular!

      Take care!

  10. I love how you bridged the gap between medical terminology and sexuality in an ultra healthy, female empowered , way. I must say after the initial squeamishness, (my reaction shocked me) the suggestions on your blog are fantastic! Since taking Maca I’ve also noticed an improvement in my overall health and stamina. Thank you, I look forward to sharing this 🙂

  11. Vegan women probably have this new found issue with libido because of all the extra soy protein they’re eating. Soy increases estrogen production which can inhibit testosterone production, which in turns affects libido. There are better ways to get the necessary protein without excess soy. Try seitan AKA wheat meat for meat alternatives. 🙂 (Read “The Whole Soy Story”)

  12. Will slippery elm capsules work the same as the powder, in regards to vaginal wetness?…I’d REALLY appreciate a response…I’ve been struggling with this every since I started having sex.

  13. I know this article was intended for women but I decided to see if this would work for me. I’m a man in my mid 40’s and I noticed a decrease in my lebido and ability to sustain an erection. I tried a few things but to no avail. Then I tried the Chia seeds and wow! It’s like I’m in my 20’s again. My theory is that over the years the circulatory vessels become rough and scratched from prolonged consumption of oils and sugar. The jelly-like consistency of the soaked Chia Seeds created an environment that increased blood circulation and allowed the little swimmers to move through unimpeded. I use 2 table spoons in my smoothie every morning. Erections are more frequent and longer. So thanks my Sistah for helping me get my mojo back!!!

    1. Yahya, that’s great. I’m glad it worked and thanks for sharing your experience as a man using the seeds. Perhaps I’ll research this more and then write about how chia seeds also can help with men’s reproductive health. I know chia seeds are packed with energy giving nutrients too, so that may be why you can have frequent and longer erections. I thinks chia seeds are just wonderful and am hoping to continue buying fair trade and sustainably sourced ones.

  14. I think you are obsessed with Hypnosis Erotica.For me ,shopping helps me be excited enough to get freaky (with my husband by the way).Eating healthy and showing my body off in tight clothing gets him excited which than gets me excited.No raw okra for me : )

  15. For the past 2 years I have been struggling with vaginal dryness, it is very frustrating as my guy don’t like lubricants. Whenever we have have sex I am left embarrassed because of how dry I am and he’s not totally satisfied. I have explored my suggestions but nothing seems to help. I am so happy I came across your blog with such great insight and information. I cant wait to try some of these, especially the chia seeds and slippery elm.

    Will let you know when it works.

    1. Hi, coconut oil is fantastic…melted or hard…. you can use it very discreetly…. smells divine , is organic & great for your health and lubrication…

  16. I Have to say I have been using maca root powder for 3 weeks now and I have had the greatest orgasms ever in a very long time with my partner of four years. I highly recommend it and I well recommend coconut oil as a lubricant with these two things you and your partner well have fun.

  17. My partner (who is a meat eater) recently told me he thought I had a less that attractive sent/ taste because of my vegan diet. From a hygienic perspective, I follow all normal behaviors, so I do not believe it is a cleanliness issue. Do you have any insight as to whether vegan diet impacts vaginal sent/ taste and if so what are the dietary changes that can be made to address such issues. Either that, or dudes just a jerk…

    1. Katrina

      I have no idea. I think it’s just what one eats as well as other things like hormones and body types. I know a diet high in cruciferous veggies like raw kale can make the vagina smell more sulphur-like. Drinking kombucha and eating pineapple can help, but overall, not sure what help to tell you.

  18. HI Dr. Harper is it best to buy a slippery elm powder and make a tea from that or purchase it already in tea form? If so what brands would you recommend for both powder and tea? Also, can you just add the powder to your water or juice and drink that way or is making a tea best for effectiveness?

  19. Thank you for info! I wasn’t sure if slippery Elm, & Macs Root & Chi’s Seeds would work!, Now after reading how many people are getting Great results! I’ll definitely try! I love my Herbals! & NEEDED Some healthy advice on this Topic! Thxs!

  20. Hello Dr. Harper, I wanted to know how to properly use the Maca Root? I used the Slippery Elm and it worked wonders… I got the capsule form but found that taking four pills three times a day was a lot? I am going to try the powder form.

    Thank you

      1. Thank you Dr. Harper. I have one last question will Maca Root interfere with the Flaxseed I takr daily? Or vise versa?

  21. Thank You for your courage, we are just men. You are just women. Doc. Harper, you help us to get over all the b……t. Peace and Happiness.

    Johnny Walker

  22. This is a good post but how do I go by using the slippery elm capsule, does it work the same as the powder do I get the same results out of them, Which do you recommend?

  23. Awesome article. Good solid real plant based information. Noted. But on the real: you need to proof read your posts aloud. Too many grammatical errors. You Defiantly put an edge to your writing. I kinda appreciate the directness. Peace

  24. People transitioning to veganism may experience low libido due to the absence of cholesterol (a well-documented aphrodisiac) in their diets. When I started eating fatty animal products again (and now embarking on the GAPS diet), my libido soared!

  25. Good suggestions. I have some slipper elm powder and was wondering how much you take and how often?

  26. How long after using Slippery Elm and Maca before seeing results? I’ve been using both for about a week now and have not had any luck with the dryness.

  27. May I also add…
    You can buy Organic Slippery Elm from for $3.50 for 1 Oz., versus $8.29 at for the brand called Celebration herbals which comes in 1.44 oz ONLY in a box. Most health food stores only carry Celebration Herbals, in fact most local places don’t even sell Slippery Elm powder at all. 1lb of Slippery Elm at mountainroseherbs will cost about $21 without shipping. They are also a very trusted company. Just my 2 cents.

  28. First hopeful thing I’ve read on finding a way to help my poor dry vegan yoni! How much Slippery Elm Bark should I consume, to produce moisture? Thanks very much!!

  29. I found this site upon a continuous search on “yoni pills” which is a all natural pill containing Bamboo salt, Celtic salt, and mineral salt mix… into a vegan capsule. This is a vagina suppository that helps women who struggle against BV, yeast infections, and dryness. Many hand make this suppository (not FDA approved), but unfortunately I have not come across any other information on it and would like to create this for myself.

    If anyone has any further information or any input at all, please comment!

  30. I found this site upon a continuous search on “yoni pills” which is a all natural pill containing Bamboo salt, Celtic salt, and mineral salt mix… into a vegan capsule. This is a vagina suppository that helps women who struggle against BV, yeast infections, and dryness. Many hand make this suppository (not FDA approved), but unfortunately I have not come across any other information on it and would like to create this for myself.

    If anyone has any further information or any input at all, please comment!

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