How can I get my toddler to eat kale and broccoli!!!?


I wanted to share with you 2 videos of my toddler happily eating broccoli and kale. I get a lot of parents asking me how it’s possible that my children eat greens because their children do not want to do that. My answers are simple: they won’t eat healthy whole foods diet if YOU don’t model it for them. My 20 month old sees me eating greens all the time: kale smoothies, steamed broccoli, raw okra. Ever since she was a newborn, she witnessed this; as soon as she wanted to begin eating solid foods, she demanded that I share with her my kale smoothies, raw greens, and other healthy greens that young children supposedly do not want to touch. Even more so, I have learned that babies develop palates for particular foods while they are in utero. I lived off of rich green and superfood diet that consisted of kale smoothies, raw okra, raw hempseeds, and chia seeds to name a few. I also learned that making ‘chips’ out of kale is a great way for them to eat kale ‘on the go’ or at the playground. I purchased a dehydrator several years ago and make kale chips for the kids. If you don’t have one, but have a gas oven, you can leave the marinated kale in the oven over night and the pilot light should be hot enough to dehydrate them.

Enjoy the videos below 🙂


6 thoughts on “How can I get my toddler to eat kale and broccoli!!!?

  1. not only is it incredible that she is eating so heartily, but just as cute as a button while she eats 🙂

  2. So true…and not giving them junk as babies…my pet kids do not crave sugar because they were never offered it to get hooked on…Eva Luna is looking so cute..

  3. She is adorable! It is fantastic that your children eat their greens. Hopefully, more parents will realize that they are responsible for what they children eat and that they should try to exemplify good eating habits for the benefit of the kids as well as themselves.

  4. Oh my god, that child is pure cuteness! gahh…you are an awesome mother, so wonderful to see a “baby” being offered and enjoying such a healthy meal :]

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