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On Black Folk M.I.A. in National Parks and Yosemite’s Contradictory Food Sourcing


Breeze Harper and 21 month old daughter, Eva Luna. May 2013.

Hear about my latest adventure at Yosemite and  hear me talk about, once again, Where the hell are all the black folk? 

Oh, and I rant about the contradictory food sourcing of Yosemite National Parking.



Eva Luna on her hike, taking a break. May 2013.



Pepsi sponsored ‘beverages’. Oh Yosemite, why do you support such corporations? (sigh)

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2 thoughts on “On Black Folk M.I.A. in National Parks and Yosemite’s Contradictory Food Sourcing

  1. Breeze,
    Hello. I am glad you were able to share your experience at Yosemite Nat’l Park. It has always been my dream to visit the National Parks. I reside on the east coast and a woman of color. I have been following you for a few years. I learned about your book at a local health food store. I definitely respect your work even though I am a non-veganist. I am sure the practices would help greatly, but challenging to be focus and discipline in terms of health.
    Your daughter Eva is growing-up. I recall when you were expecting.
    I must agree it would be great if more people would spend time outdoors. (I definitely hear you.)
    Take care,

  2. Ceylon Holmes on said:

    I thought this would be interesting to share and gain your feedback. Kat


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