Pointing Out a System of Racism is ‘Absurd’ (a.k.a. “Black People, Shut the F*ck Up”) | Frugivore Magazine


Below is the latest article that I have written for Frugivore online magazine. It is in response to the “Health Ranger” Mike Adams and his insensitive response to the realities of anti-black racism in the USA and Obama’s talk about Trayvon Martin the other week. Here are the first few paragraphs.

Pointing Out a System of Racism is ‘Absurd’ (a.k.a. “Black People, Shut the F*ck Up”) | Frugivore Magazine, by A. Breeze Harper


I just read Mike Adam’s latest Natural News article and it blew me away. It’s called “Racism theater: How the media, Obama and the racism industry are tearing America apart for their own selfish gain.” He has made it clear that Black Americans, including Obama, need to basically shut the f*ck up about racism; if we at all talk about realities of things like racial profiling (like Obama implied in his talk after the George Zimmerman verdict), then we are promoting “the racism industry for our own selfish gain.” If you don’t know who Mike Adams is, he considers himself the “Health Ranger.” He advocates healthy eating and exercise as a way to be liberated and healthy.

Mike Adams positions himself as a ‘expert’ on my and most Black Americans experiences with racism as a system. He is completely enraged that Obama is part of the ‘racism industry’ in the USA, simply because Obama spoke frankly about Trayvon Martin in July 2013. Obama let us all know what it means to be read as a Black man in a country in which Obama’s propensity for being racially profiled is far greater than that of those like Mike Adams (white, straight, economically stable, and able-bodied). 

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  1. Good grief. I had already glommed onto the fact that any “news” coming out of the “NaturalNews” was way too often overblown and/or inaccurate but I hadn’t seen the sad silliness you linked to in your post. There’s something seriously askew in the worldview of anyone writing such unhinged stuff. “Racism industry”?? This is a very disturbed individual. I presume he considered Clarence Thomas being appointed to the Supreme Court as evidence racism didn’t exist. This individual could be a poster child for the saying that “facts do not change attitudes”.

  2. Thank you Dr Harper so much for sharing your response to that atrocious rant by Mike Adams. I really needed it, today and beyond. When I read Adam’s piece, I was so disturbed it took me a several moments to finish it. I hate reading shit like that because I take it personally and I felt hurt and SOOOOO upset to be exposed to that kind of self-righteous hate and complete disregard for life or humanity. When I run into people who have no understanding of their societal privileges and they start speaking without any regard for all the people who live without the prized gold cards of the US (ie, white, male, middle class, able-bodied, heterosexual…), I freaking die inside….Nothing that Adams wrote about comes from a perspective of someone who has ANY regard for anyone else but them self. And personally, what really chapped me about having to read a bunch of white supremacist entitlement is that I had seen Mike Adams in the documentary, “Hungry for Change” and I enjoyed the information he shared–so I felt perfectly ridiculous for having any regard for Adams or what he spewed forth because it comes from a place of hate which I want nothing to do with.

    This is silly but I’ll share it anyway–years and years ago I listened to two songs by John Mayer, and enjoyed them enough to purchase one of his CDs. Later, Mayer was exposed for having said some dehumanizing, sexist and racist comments towards black women. I was never so embarrassed and humiliated for financially supporting music created by a piece of shit. So I destroyed the CD and threw away the pieces, deleted the two songs from digital music collection and have since washed my hands of Mayer. I was completely hoodwinked by that bigot-monster but when it comes to pop musicians, perhaps I should have known better.

    Still, I wonder if these people–people like Mayer or Adams recognize how evil it is the things they say and the things they deny were handed to them because of their privilege–not because they “earned” them and are therefore an authority on hard work and what is right. I know that I will never live a life free of racist shit, free from feeling humiliated and dehumanized because of the color of my skin–but it still hurts so bad to be reminded of that daily…

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