The Adventures of Breeze's Yoni: On My Labor of Love and Birthing at Home


This is me, November 4, 2013, the day I went into labor. This is the belly. That is, the belly that 9 out of 10 strangers confidently told me, “You’re having a boy? You are shaped like you are having a boy!” I couldn’t really argue, as I was shaped exactly the same way with my son (pointy and low). With my daughter (2nd child), I carried her “wide”. So, it would make sense that that belly above was carrying another boy. Oh, and I craved tomatoes during the entire pregnancy, a sure sign that I’m having a boy.

Sun (4 years old) and Eva Luna (2 years old) giving the baby a kiss of love on November 3, 2013 at San Francisco Zen Center at Green Gulch.
Me in the birthing pool at our home. I look relaxed, but that’s because I’m in between those sucky crappy contractions.

Active labor started at around November 5, 2013 1217am. Perfect timing, as my mother in law had arrived 4 hours before, from Germany.

My husband was the perfect birthing partner. At the very end, when I really thought I didn’t have the strength to push anymore, he was sitting behind me, holding me, as I sat on the birthing stool…and he was shoving the finest organic vegan fair trade chocolate into my mouth to give me energy. And he made me 2 or 3 Garden of Life Raw protein drinks with banana and Yerba Mate. My mother in law also had brought some yummy vegan organic gummy bears from Munich, Germany, and those gave me energy too.

This labor was easier than my 1st, but harder than my 2nd. It was 7 hours long, but the contractions were quite unbearable because the baby was turned the ‘wrong way’. She kept on pressing up against my tail bone area and the pain was intense, but then my husband would push his hands against my back whenever I was having the contractions and that made it feel a lot better. Seriously, it’s during those intense moments of discomfort that I ask myself, “Um, why am I putting myself through this again!?” And yea, I’ll be honest, several times I  told my husband, “I don’t think I can do this. I don’t have the energy. Just take me to the hospital and have them do the rest.”

But, my wonderful husband/birthing partner and my birthing team , Sacred Birth Place from Oakland, CA, were amazing. No surprise, as they helped deliver our first two kids at our home as well. My husband and the birthing team of two midwives and a doula encouraged me and let me know that I can do it and will have the energy to bring my baby into the world. And sorry if this is too much information, but what I love about home birthing is that you can eat eat eat. In the hospital, you are not allowed to eat; you get ‘energy’ from an IV. Hell no, not for me. With home birthing you have to be comfortable with being naked around everyone (not problem with me, as if it were legal, I’d be in the nude all the time). But you also have to understand that when you push push push push, it’s like you’re taking the biggest dump in the world… and in fact, you are pooping while you are pushing. The birthing team takes care of that, cleans you up, and I love that comfort that they have. I think the reason that the most hospitals don’t let you eat while in labor is because they fear that if you must have a C section, you should not have food in your tummy…and, I guess they just think that pooping while pushing is “gross” (?).

By 630am I was fully dilated.  I pushed the baby’s head out at around 712am, while on the birthing stool. I thought my ass was done. The crowning was done, the head was out, and I was exhausted… but then my midwife commanded me to quickly get on the bed on all fours and push the baby out (as the other position was not as efficient). I almost said, “Screw you!” I was so tired and now I had to crawl on the bed on all fours and push some more!?

But, with the help of my husband, doula, and other midwife, I got up on the bed and with one big final push, the baby came out. 8lb 6oz, 21 inches long. 718am.


Me and Baby 2 days postpartum. I no longer look busted or like I have been completely depleted after trying to push a watermelon that was in a posterior position, out of my yoni….
Baby and Eva Luna debating about whose poop smells worse…

Oh, and by the way, everyone was wrong about the shape of my belly coinciding with the genitalia of the baby: Baby number 3 came out with a yoni “down there.”

Nope, we haven’t named her yet. She goes by “Baby”. But, I do like sound of Spirulina Kale Harper- Zahn. I basically built her on those super foods 🙂 Here is the full vegan pregnancy and lactation nutritional regimen that I recommend. It’s the Sistah Vegan pregnancy nutrition method and you should experience great results. Yes, consult your practitioner before trying anything I recommend. I just wanted to note that I did not have any of these that so many women and girls experience during pregnancy in the USA:

  • pre-eclampsia
  • gestational diabetes
  • anemia
  • tremendous weight gain
  • edema
  • hypertension
  • pre-osteoporosis
  • varicose veins
  • constipation
  • hemorrhoids

And I owe it to the Sistah Vegan nutritional method for pregnancy!


20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Breeze's Yoni: On My Labor of Love and Birthing at Home

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    The reason behind preventing mamas from eating is prevention of aspiration pneumonia. If a patient has to go back for a C-section emergently and she does not have an epidural she will be intubated(put on a mechanical ventilator) to help her breath for the operation. Because of the sedating and paralyzing agents that are used the content of her stomach could aspirate into her lungs causing pneumonia. However, some studies are now saying it is better for gastric content with food to enter the lungs because it is more basic. The gastric content of a women who hasnt eaten is more acidic. But “policies” still havent changed. Go figure.

  2. What a wonderful birth story! Congrats on a successful home birth with a great team. I birth my 2nd child at home with Sacred Birth Place and later did a doula training with them and assisted in 4 births. May I ask which midwives and doula made up your team? Also I thought you lived in the Davis area, why did you choose to birth with a Bay Area team.
    Once again congrats on baby number 3. 2 girls now=hands full but in the best way.
    Peace and Love and Perfection

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful! I had to have a C section with my son. It was an awful experience. I hope to do things much differently with the birth of our next child.

  4. What a wonderful experience… I just LOVE ur blog… If u r ever in a The Bahamas, I must chat with you. Congrats on ur Angel Baby!
    Chrissy Love

  5. Many, many, congratulations! Beautiful post, beautiful Mom, beautiful children. Can’t see Dad but what a protagonist! That portrait of you with the dragonfly dress is exquisite.

    You’re a trooper.

    All the best to you and your family….

  6. congratulations to my beautiful spiritual daughter and the new baby! what a wonderful education you’ve given me on birthing. love and peace! thanks for the missive in the snail mail! s.jayne

  7. This makes me so happy!!! I am newly pregnant with my first and I oh boy do I need to hear stories like this! I am planning a home birth with Sacred Birth Place (which is just up the street from my home) – but all the stories I have ever heard are of births in the hospital because that is the culture I was raised in. I don’t know what it is like to have a home birth. I love the idea of eating and the chocolate energy burst. Do you know of other women’s home birth and pregnancy stories online or in a book?

    Dr. Harper, you were actually part of the inspiration for me following my inspiration to get pregnant at this time. I have a lot going on career wise but you and my friend Neambe Vita ( ) are such wonderful examples of living and working with your children. I appreciated seeing you out doing your work with your children. It is powerful for me to see all that you have achieved with sistah vegan while birthing and raising your beautiful children. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Would you mind sending me a direct email. I signed up for your vegan pregnancy recording some time ago, but it is asking for a password that I am not sure I have. So I wanted to converse about how I could access the recording. I didn’t listen to it right away because I was waiting to be more present with the pregnancy and at that time it was still just a thought in my mind. Thanks!

  8. I know you probably DON’T want unsolicited baby names, but I have an overwhelming urge to share this with you. So here it goes… Seeing as you already have Sun and Moon (Luna) why not add stars to the mix and name the baby girl Celeste?
    Peace and Love and Perfection

  9. Breeze,

    I am in tears! You are such an amazing inspiration. You and your family are absolutely beautiful. So proud of you!

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    And yes, Sacred Birth Place is great! So glad you had a positive experience. I feel very honored to apprentice with midwives through that center.

    Sending you and yours lots of joy and well wishes.


  10. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I started out looming for images of real post delivery stomachs and found your wonderful blog! I have sent links to all my friends who have given birth and those who are pregnant. Thank you for this gift. I read Queen Afua years ago regarding fibroids and diet. Thank you for starting Sistah Vegan becauses from what I’ve read, you’re still the only web presence that covers the diaspora of nutrition, health, fertility, birth and critical social experience. Thank you!

  11. I have a question!! Did you labor and birth your baby completely in the posterior position?? Congrats btw on a beautiful baby and birth. I have been looking for inspirational stories about large posterior babies, as there seems to be so few. Getting ready for my 3rd homebirth next month, I have big babies and this baby loves the op position. Thanks in advance! <3

    1. My 1st and 2nd were not posterior, but my 3rd was. She was tough to get out, but not impossible. I think it was easier since she was my 3rd. She was 8.5lb. Not sure if that is ‘large’. My labor with her was 7 hours, my 2nd was 6 hours, and my 1st was 18 hours. Good luck!

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