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The Adventures of Sistah Vegan’s Postpartum Belly and Public Displays of Stretch Marks

As promised, I am continuing my post-partum blog series. I have a very no holds barred approach to talking about my body, pregnancy, nursing, etc. Below is a video of what many of our bodies look like, especially after having a few biological children. I am really quite sick of so many of us ladies being told that we should be ashamed of our post-partum bellies/bodies, that we should hide our stretch marks, or even be pressured to do plastic surgery to make others happy so they don’t have to be ‘disgusted’ by the natural transformations that pregnant bodies go through in the USA.

Enjoy the video below!

And if you want to know more about my Sistah Vegan superfoods pregnancy and nursing nutritional regiment, go here. 

Nameless Baby Harper-Zahn, 1.5 weeks old.

Nameless Baby Harper-Zahn, 1.5 weeks old.

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5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Sistah Vegan’s Postpartum Belly and Public Displays of Stretch Marks

  1. Thanks for sharing…I think it’s sad and tragic that I’m 30 years old and I didn’t know a lot of these things. You’re right, normal female functions are stigmatized and perceived as “gross” and hidden away. We should be celebrating how amazing the process is. Congrats on the new baby, so exciting!

  2. I too had no idea that this is what a normal body looks like after birth. Thank you so much for being willing to share so much of this intimate process with us. I am glad we can celebrate the beauty of birth along with you!

  3. Dr. Harper,
    Hello. Congratulations to you and your family regarding the new bundle of joy. The baby favors you. I do not practice a Vegan Lifestyle. I have followed you the last couple of years. I find you really take good care of yourself. You look good after having three babies. Any names for the new baby girl?? Well, take care………C.K.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, the media is very much skewed in its presentation of post-partum bodies and it’s refreshing to witness your honesty and realism.

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