Product Review: Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs


Finally, a vegan white cheddar puff snack! I have not had cheese puffs, made from cow dairy, since 2005! So, Earth Balance makes a vegan one and that is pretty cool.


They use navy beans powder for the ‘cheese’. 180 mg of sodium per serving, which isn’t bad. I hate salty things, so this was a pleasant surprise. 3g of protein per serving. A full bag has 4 servings but I can easily eat the whole thing in one sitting. They use non GMO corn and no soy.


Earth Balance , why is your packaging not recyclable or compostable? Also, at nearly $4 a bag, I would expect all the ingredients to be organic. None are organic!

Overall, great taste, texture, and size! A nice step up from Veggie Booty, but since it is pricey, I will probably buy it a few times per year! Would buy more often if it were organic and of the company had better packaging.

What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs

  1. I thought you were not a fan of Earth Balance products due to their palm oil usage etc. Have you changed your position on the company?

  2. These look good, as far as vegan junk food goes, but I’m surprised to see you review Earth Balance products. I have not been using them since almost all of their products use/rely on palm oil. These don’t, but I still don’t support this company. There’s a lot out there about unsustainable practices of palm oil, deforestation and the threats to Orangutans. Here’s just one link: for more info.

  3. Earth Balance has also come out with an “aged cheddar” non-dairy popcorn product and a “buttery” popcorn product. I personally prefer the popcorn products to the puffs. The texture of the puffs was a little odd to me but I did enjoy the flavor. I absolutely agree with you about the packaging!! It’s ridiculous and there’s way too much of it! The bags are huge and only filled like half way. Plus yes, it would be nice to have organic ingredients. That being said, I am happy these options are available and I too will probably only purchase them a few times a year, when they’re on sale!

  4. I’m more concerned that their parent company is GFA Brands, which makes cruel-to-animal products, than the palm oil usage.

    It is pricey and the packaging…But I suppose one can find someone wrong about anything that’s prepackaged..It’s about convenience more than anything with these kinds of products.

    1. True, one can find something wrong with everything produced as a ‘commodity’ in this capitalist culture, but it doesn’t make it right to still support it. I didn’t pay for them, but you are correct about GFA brands as well as so many other ‘vegan’ products made by companies that also make cruel products (cruel to humans and non-humans.)

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