Chia seeds: How do I maximize their nutritional power?


So, I have a simple question in which a Google search reveals complicated and confusing answers: how should I prepare and eat chia seeds to absorb their nutrients?

For the past three years, I soak the seeds for ten minutes in water. I have put 2 ounces in a blender with 20 oz of water and blend for 2 minutes on high. I have a Vitamix. I do this because I thought one passes seeds without absorbing anything if they are eaten whole and not ground up or chewed thoroughly.However, every where on the internet that has information about how to eat them says to eat whole. Huh?
If I wanted to eat them for fiber and hydration I get why I would eat them whole. However, the chia seed is marketed to be packed with nutrients like Omega 3, calcium, and boron, hence, I assume one absorbs those nutrients once they eat the seed grounded or milled.

What is the right way to eat chia seeds for maximum nutrition absorption?

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  1. My understanding is that you should let them soak long enough to let the gel form and then ingest any way that you prefer. I usually make a green smoothie in the morning, add chia seed and then blend all together. Also, in a 24 oz. mason jar, I add a tablespoon of the seeds, fill water and let sit for about an hour until there is plenty of gel formed around each seed then drink.

  2. I usually just blend mine with my smoothies and by the time I even drink the whole thing, they have “soaked” long enough. I actually can feel the gel when I ingest them.

  3. On a recent visit to my daughter’s, she soaked them in pineapple juice and added chopped mango ( or any soft fruit of choice like peach) and served it for breakfast. I found myself going back for snack and dessert for dinner. Very versatile.

  4. In my culture (Iranian), it is dumped in a pitcher with water and usually sugar and soaked overnight. It’s a summer drink that’s supposed to keep you cool and hydrated. It’s called tokhme-sharbati – literally translates to seed drink.

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