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“G’s Up Hoes Down:” Black Masculinity, Veganism, and Ethical Consumption Remixed


I’ll be giving a talk at Oberlin College at 7:30pm EST on May 2, 2014. I am super psyched because it is part of my new research for my new book. The ‘remix’ in the title was inspired by Bryant Terry’s new vegan cookbook Afro-VeganG’s Up Hoes Down was inspired by DJ Cavem’s song “G’s up hoes down.” I’ll be looking at both of these amazing men’s work.

If you can’t attend, don’t panic. I record and upload all my talks to this blog.

Title: “G’s Up Hoes Down:” Black Masculinity, Veganism, and Ethical Consumption Remixed.

Location: Oberlin College. Science Center’s Dye Lecture Hall on 119 Woodland St.

Time: 7:30pm EST

Description: Vegan mainstream rhetoric often falls into a post-racial mindset; that is, the assumption that since the Civil Rights Acts, racism and legacies of colonialism are no longer significant impediments to achieving equality in the USA. Furthermore, rarely does the vegan mainstream reflect on how structural racism shapes one’s logic, goals, and communication strategies around ethical consumption. For this lecture, Dr. Harper will explore how key Black male vegetarians and vegans are employing hip-hop methods to create race-conscious and decolonial approaches to vegetarian and vegan activism.  These men are examples of alternative black masculinities, cooking up complex and complicated models of ethical consumption, environmental justice, and nutritional activism that you won’t find in the popular PETA campaigns or the bestselling books Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard. 

DJ Cavem is on the Right.

Craig “Doodlebug” Irving (Left), Breeze Harper (Center), and DJ Cavem(Right)

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3 thoughts on ““G’s Up Hoes Down:” Black Masculinity, Veganism, and Ethical Consumption Remixed

  1. New book project???!!! Do tell….tantalize us!

  2. Sounds soooo good! Wish I could be there!

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