The Sistah Vegan Project

On my new novel, funding change, hip hop vegan book, and my birthday campaign


Ok, I am going to be more direct. I have had a problem with having enough confidence to ask for help. Here’s the deal: I have 5000+ followers combined, in terms of FB, Twitter, and my WordPress blog. I need SV project to be funded. I have done so much for folk and I am simply asking for $5-$10 per fan (if you can afford it) to help me do this work FULL TIME. If I could get 5000+ folk to do this, I could continue to grow this work and help humans and non-human animals even more effectively. Thus far, I received less than $200 in donations, since asking this for my birthday campaign raising wishes on May 30, 2014. I do appreciate what has already been donated, but I need more for this project to survive and thrive!

Last year I raised $4000 of the $80,000 I need (that is what gofundme shows right now: the combined total, not just the $200 from last week). So, let me know if you can invest in me and the SV Project. I write books, but I don’t get advances and I get about $600 a year in royalties from Sistah Vegan. I had a Research Fellow appointment at UC Davis, from 2013-2014, but it was unpaid(some people have asked why I need a salary for Sistah Vegan when I have a ‘job’ at UC Davis). This is my birthday wish for this year. Consider doing automatic monthly donations of about $5-$15 per month: Go Fund Me :

If you can’t afford to donate money, please consider donating in other ways: marketing, editing, etc. For example, several women donated their editing and proofreading skills to make Scars possible. I was so overjoyed by such kindness. Others have offered to use social media to market last years Sistah Vegan confernce events.

More about my new novel: Scars: Black Lesbian Experience in Rural White New England. 

DJ Cavem’s  work and Produce Section album can be accessed here.

An intro to the new hip hop, black men, vegan book project: “Real Gs Got Hoes:” Veganism, Black Masculinity, and Ethical Consumption.

Also, below is the full painting that Sarah Juanita Dorsey painted for Scars. Come on y’all,  admit it: she is dope, brilliant, and awesome. The cover photo is a depiction of Savannah Penelope Sales, the main character.



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4 thoughts on “On my new novel, funding change, hip hop vegan book, and my birthday campaign

  1. Frank on said:

    Develop products or services to gain monthly memberships. Tons of entrepreneurs do so and it works.

  2. I am willing to donate editing services.

  3. Frank on said:

    How many Sistah Vegan books do you sell a year? What do you do to market that book?

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