Ebola is Not a Funny Halloween Trick


This is a quick post. The other evening, my kids went out with their costumes for Halloween in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. I took the above photo of a prop in someone’s yard because it really shows how unmindful some people can be. I took this photo in a neighborhood that is pretty wealthy and where homes easily sell for around $1 million or more.

I am amazed that someone would put this up as a Halloween prop in their yard. This just reminds me that “even in liberal SF Bay Area”, people can do tasteless things. No, I’m not being sensitive, especially since I’m sure there are people in the SF Bay area who have relatives who have been greatly affected by the Ebola outbreak and don’t need to see that prop hanging out in this person’s yard. Just imagine if this prop said “AIDS, Beware of My Blood”. EXACTLY, IT WOULDN’T HAPPEN IN THIS AREA. This is probably because most SF Bay area folk are ‘too civilized’ to not poke fun at those who are living with AIDS and/or have died from AIDS related complications.

Anyway, I am dropping a note off at this person’s house this week to let them know that even though it is their private estate and they have the ‘right’ to do whatever they want, that this prop was cruel and mean in my opinion. I will be polite about it, but I think they should know that not everyone thinks it’s a funny.

7 thoughts on “Ebola is Not a Funny Halloween Trick

  1. Their choice of creating an Ebola Halloween gravestone was tasteless and very insensitive. You are doing a great activist act by leaving them that note. Very brave Breeze! Did your children see the gravestone? How are you feeling post seeing this upsetting image?

  2. I can’t tell if this is celebrating some idea of ridding the world of Ebola by the end of 2015 or something else. Why not ask them what they mean by the prop? Either way, it’s poorly though out. Almost as bad as the Sexy Ebola Nurse costume…jeez.

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