What is 'conscious' veganism? Can it be post-racial? Should it critique racism in the food system?

Will there ever be  ‘conscious’ raw foods or vegan cookbooks that make it to the mainstream that are ‘conscious’ about not using language of discursive violence and oppression, if actual humans have been exploited to make the ingredients for the recipes possible, that there is some acknowledgment that ‘food access’ is a geopolitical, racial, and economic privilege, and that a food revolution can’t really happen if the author isn’t sincere in dismantling systems of oppressions such as racism, neoliberal capitalism, and poverty to name a few….? Am hoping to address questions like these at the Sistah Vegan online interactive conference, The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter April 24-25 2015 with folk like Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project​ and Chef Bryant Terry​. I hope folk can join: www.sistahveganconference.com .


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