"What is systemic racism? Is that really a 'thing'?"

Race Forward Answers, because I’m kind of sick of repeating myself 🙂

Please read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander to understand the new age of mass incarceration.

And I highly advise checking out the recordings to the Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter conference. You actually don’t have to be ‘black’ or ‘vegan’ to benefit because the conference is about how systemic racism operates– even within veganism and/or the food system! And we talk about how Black Lives Matter ‘matters’ to everyone.



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  1. The primary effect of this video (on people who think about it) is to dilute the impact of the phrase “systemic racism” to the proper level. I don’t think that’s your intended effect.

    The worst example is listing technically correct bad health and finance statistics as examples of systemic racism, making it clear that even things which have no moral nature or human intent are sufficient to be systemic racism.

    Additionally, by claiming (again, truthfully) that proper Bayesian reasoning about government surveillance (as regards who to watch given limited resources, not the moral reasoning about whether to watch anyone), the critical thinking audience is led to believe that systemic racism isn’t even necessarily impractical.

    Calling systemic racism out everywhere it exists is counterproductive, because it results in people becoming acclimated to it. Of course, calling it out everywhere it exists is also right, because it calibrates the public more accurately. For the epistemologically correct way to prevent harmful systemic racism, call out e.g. why it is wrong that poor parents have poor children.

  2. id like to hear what barak obama, our black president has done to change any of these policies, or is his silence on it proof that blacks in power does not change racist policy. Yet he uses race by appointing high profile positions within his administration of well-educated blacks like himself, but this is something he did in Chicago, support black stock brokers. but this is not going to change incarceration rates. It is alot like wealthy jews who easily bought their way to freedom during the Nazi era, and cared little for helping their poorer cousins still stuck in Germany. Race is class divided. Will Hilary Clinton who raised it is said 1 Billion in the past twenty years for her war chest, much of it from big banks, will she be looking to ask these questions. Doubtful. Elizabeth Warren might be able to, if she can get elected.

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