[Opinion]: Was the 'Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter' Essentially 'All Lives Matter'?

Question: Was the ‘Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter’ essentially ‘All Lives Matter’?


It would be great to hear from people who attended The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter if this is the impression they got (after reading the article below). The person who wrote this article below did not attend the conference but they did want to write about the meaning of the conference and poster (see above). This is quite challenging if you didn’t attend the conference and instead, analyze a poster that was meant to represent multiple systems of oppression and intersectionality; that it was not designed to ‘equate’ black people as the same as bulls. As a matter of fact, I make this clear during the conference that we are talking intersectionality and not comparisons.

In addition, the conference speakers made it clear how “black lives matters” is important to use versus ‘all lives matter’ (which is a racial micro aggression) because the latter erases the specific systemic racism and anti-blackness experienced by Black people in the USA . We also discussed Emory Douglas’ work about the use of ‘pigs as cops’ without ever being angry and saying we are ‘offended’. If you attended the 45 minute talk, we discusses how amazing Emory Douglas’s work is and understand why black people used ‘pigs as cops’ because of police brutality. We also asked what an anti-police brutality method can look like without the negative use of ‘pigs’. We asked how we can build on Douglas’s work– not tear it apart.

My dissertation also explains why and how it is completely understandable and logical why comparing black struggles to non-human animals is problematic; and why Afro-centric veganism tends to focus on plant-based diets without much focus on anti-speciesism (the author has not read my dissertation).

If you did attend the conference, please read this article and let me know if this was your impression. Our intention was that opposite of what the author wrote so it’s interesting that despite the intention, this is what came across to her (reminder, she did not attend the conference). Please do not write nasty comments about the author. Please do not feel compelled to defend me. I’m asking the opinion of those who attended the conference to read the below article and share your own conclusions and interpretations. Thanks Check Your Activism for writing this and letting me know that you interpreted the entire intention of my conference as something I had never intended. I appreciate it. I do not agree, but I appreciate the time you took.

Why The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter is Essentially ‘All Lives Matter’ by Check Your Activism.

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4 thoughts on “[Opinion]: Was the 'Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter' Essentially 'All Lives Matter'?

  1. I am a queer black vegan person who attended the entire conference, and I do not share the opinions of the author (who I’ll refer to here as CYA as she does not list her name on the Check Your Activism post). I am both anti-racist and anti-speciesist and do not agree that these concepts are in conflict.

    I also help moderate the Sistah Vegan Facebook group. I patiently read every comment made by CYA and was not convinced that there was a conflict between being anti-racist and anti-speciesist. She was asked to leave that group because she was intractable and insulting to you and to other forum members who disagreed with her. Just to set the record straight.

  2. I haven’t had time to listen to the conference yet (I have read your dissertation!), but I will certainly be listening for thoughts regarding the coexistence of anti-racism and anti-speciesism. As a poor trans queer atheist, I am highly suspicious when I hear that fighting one oppression comes at the expense of fighting another, or that one is ultimately at the root of all others. If only life really were that simple.

  3. I think my biggest confusion is that all her questions are answered if she listened to the conference. I’m completely fascinated by what has occurred; that is, analyzing an entire conference and my intentions without ever having attended it. And then making the claim that I define speciesism a certain way (‘human privilege’ and that ALL humans and ALL non-human animals should be EQUAL) after I wrote her personally and said my practice of anti-speciesism means to not exploit non-human animals and that I practice it based on principles of ahimsa and the Buddhadharma– that I’m not speaking of white supremacist masculinist approach that makes the claim that speciesism is the root of all oppressions. I WROTE HER THIS after she asked me how I was personally defining it. I said I was not drawing from the white supremacist masculinist Euro Anglo tradition. I also explained the ‘vegan’ for the “Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter” has the meaning of ‘ahimsa’ (non-violence and harmlessness). Once again, I was not talking about ‘human privilege’ the way it is framed with the white supremacist masculinist Euro Anglo tradition. But for some reason, she keeps on writing that I do frame veganism and speciesism that way.

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