Emergency Intervention: A Hen and Chicks Living in a Bike Shoppe Window

Animal rescue help: Do you live in Berkeley, El Cerrito, or Albany CA?

There is a hen living in a Bike Shoppe window. she was given 12 eggs to hatch. 10 babies have died and the shoppe keeper says it’s because she is a new adoptive mother who never had babies before. I need help with trying to get the hen and the 2 babies (who I hope are still alive) out.


I have hardly any experience with this and need local help from animal compassion /vegan folk in the area. It’s Bikes on Solano 1554 Solano Ave, Albany, CA. If you could contact them and inquire about the health of the hen and the babies and ask why the other 10 are dead, I’d appreciate it. 510-524-1094. The more calls the better.

I just spoke to a bird sanctuary expert who says that there is almost no way that that hen would have smothered the babies and that they most likely died from hunger despite “good intentions”.

I’d like to do this without using cruel words or whatnot towards the shoppe keeper. Just keep focus on the health of the chickens and not demonizing the shoppe keeper. Most of us were not always vegans or AR folk and were ignorant too of non human animals suffering and agency.image image image image

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  1. Contact the Animal Control Officer in that city or the local SPCA. You might also try your state’s Agriculture department. Those chickens are not properly housed and probably not properly fed. They don’t belong in a shop window! Please act quickly.

  2. I just called the store. I shared my concern for the hen and her babies with the fellow who answered. He suggested I speak with the owner, who had just (4:20pm) left for lunch. When I offered a home with my neighbors, the fellow shared that the owner has 60+ chickens at home and is not looking to get rid of them. SO, calling the bike store does nothing. I do know that animal cruelty is now a felony. I wonder if baby chicks dead of starvation constitutes animal cruelty.

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