[Infographic] Racial Disparities in Health Care

Lot’s of information going on here. Let’s unpack this. It’s a start to visualize this information but what more could be added to this dialog? What is missing and what do you find really useful? Are there practices, activities or habits that individuals can do to help themselves or their group? How about nutrition, or physical activity? Is yoga accessible to everyone, what are yogic techniques? When you think about healthcare, what do you think of? Standard allopathic medicine, alternative care, or is it not an easy binary?

What can be done to close the gaps? What does integrating vegan-antiracist-decolonial framings of health care mean when addressing racial disparities in health (and nutrition of course)? 


4 thoughts on “[Infographic] Racial Disparities in Health Care

  1. I heard once (on Oprah of all places) that African Americans have higher rates of heart disease because the ability to retain water helped some captured slaves survive the trip from Africa to America.

    BTW, I also recently picked up a copy of your Sistah Vegan anthology. I’m recently vegan, which is how I came to find your site. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies. This really takes me back to all that.


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