Take a Break with Dirty Vegan Mom: A TextChat Play About Gummy Worms

Warning:  This video below is not appropriate for the workplace or kids. However, I thought I’d take a crack at comedy with my friend who co-wrote this below. It’s comedy around erotic candy, postulating if a white woman telling a Black woman “That’s the kettle calling the pot black” is ‘racist’, and what happens when holistic eating little kids end up eating 3 pieces of Smarties candies.
Everyone says I’m so “serious” and “academic”. Well, I can be funny too (I think), with the help of my friend. This was written by L. Quick and Amie Louise Harper (Me). Between the two of us, we have 8 kids, two husbands, and a gazillion companion animals. We have plenty of material for a series of funny SMS Fictional Plays based on the things that happen in our lives. The series is Kaila and Reese. This is the premiere episode.
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