My Newest Novel: Black Girl Magic Across Space and Time, Critique of Green Capitalism, and Technocracy

I am writing a new book (as many of you know). Well, actually two books.

One is an Afro-futuristic themed novel, integrating ethical food objects to tell the story of systemic racism, violence, green capitalism, and the colonization of another planet to sustain the ‘better’ class of plant-based consuming elite….

My other one is a critical memoir, Black, Mama, Scholar: On Black Feminism, Food Ethics, and Toddler Tantrums.

Would anyone like to connect me with a publisher that you think would be interested in the new NOVEL that I am writing? I have already written two books: one is an anthology (Sistah Vegan) and the other is a social fiction novel (Scars). Both were groundbreaking in their approaches to interrogations of Black women and girls’ experience in the USA.

My academic credentials: BA, MA, PhD.

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