The Best Vegan Mock Fish n Chips in San Francisco: Indochine new vegan restaurant in the Mission

Sistah Vegan’s Best of the SF Bay: Indochine Restaurant’s Vegan Fish n Chips.


Welcome to our new Sistah Vegan series: Sistah Vegan’s Best of the SF Bay. I will do video reviews of what I consider the best vegan treats in the area on a weekly basis. I’ll start getting really critical yet be appreciative as well. This means I’ll start asking how well employees are treated, how ethically are some ingredients sourced, did the vegan place come out of gentrified space, is accessible for people living with physical disabilities, is it easy to take your baby with you.

I do a 30 second review of “Feast n Chips” dish at the new IndoChine Vegan restaurant in San Francisco. This dish is a vegan version of “fish n chips” . IndoChine is at Valencia St. and 16th in the Mission.  Excellent. I kept on telling my husband that this tasted like how I remember fish used to taste. Everything was fresh and yummy. The Bathroom was beautiful and clean. I need to have an immaculate bathroom with a visit a restaurant. We had two other dishes wish I posted below as well.




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Recipes for Racial Tension Headaches: Black Lives Matter Movement and Self-Care(A Green Smoothie Approach)

I attended the San Francisco Green Festival on November 11, 2012 to give a food demo. I think I may have been the only person presenting that included ”racial tension” and “racism” as descriptive words for my presentation. This is my first food demo I have ever given. I was nervous. Though posted over two years ago, I am reposting this in light of Black Lives Matter Movement and in response to the significant amount of stress and emotional pain I continue to go through, as an anti-racist vegan activist. I will be expanding upon these ideas for the Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter online Sistah Vegan conference at the end of April 2015. If you enjoy this and would like to see more videos that have ‘recipes for racial tension headaches’, please support us by donating to the Sistah Vegan Project.


About the video:

This comes from my years of work and personal experience of not being able to deal with the years of racist micro-aggressions to the overt direct in your face “Ima call you a n*gger”. I have talked about the days I have overdosed on vegan organic jelly beans after dealing with blatant white supremacist thinkers. And I have done this even though I know intellectually that I am not supposed to do that and then expect to feel ‘in harmony.’  So, when I was asked to participate in 2012, I decided that I would take the ‘bold’ step to send them my title, “Recipes for Racial Tension Headaches: Holistic Vegan Recipes to Combat the Stresses of Racism.” They accepted it. I was surprised LOL.

The audience was a mixed bunch but just about all the chairs were seated. I realized that people either were genuinely interested in what I had to say…. or were just staying through all food demos to get the free food at the end. Haha. So, maybe that is what I should do in the future when I talk about racism and white supremacy to a mainstream audience: offer food!

By the way, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the reference ‘racial tension headaches’, my demo was in response to this Saturday Night live skit with Queen Latifah who takes Excedrin for her racial tension headache.

Kale Smoothie Recipe for Racial Tension Headaches

3-4 Big leaves of Dino Kale or Lacinato Kale
1″ to 1.5 ” cube of fresh ginger ( I like more but sometimes 1.5″ is too much for beginners)
1 tsp Spirulina (Hawaiian Pacifica Brand)
1 tsp of Chlorella (Now Foods Chlorella)
1 medium to large Hass Avocado
1-2 pitted Medjool dates
1.5 tsp of apple cider vinegar
1/8 c raw pumpkin seeds
25 oz of water (fits big blenders like Vitamix)
1 tsp of Maca (Sol Raiz Organics brand)

Nettles Oatstraw Tea

  1. Simmer 1/4 c of nettles leaves in 15oz of water for 3 minutes.
  2. Turn off and then put in 2 heaping tbsp of oatstraw. Cover and let sit for an hour.
  3. Strain and drink.



[Video] pattrice jones to present at Sistah Vegan Conference, New book update, and fighting the flu with Catnip


A Child Bride in Jim Crow Mississippi: Scars of Suffering and the Promise of Healing

WARNING: This may potentially be triggering for those who were forced into marriage, particularly as a child bride.


My Grandma Emma passed away recently. Above is a photo of one of her many rings she owned and the only one I will be keeping.

She was 87, living in Las Vegas for the last 40+ years. I appreciate that she was the result of really horrible circumstance that still made the birth of my dad possible. I acknowledge that like many Black poor women in Jim crow South, My grandma’s mother, Savannah, was so poor that she couldn’t afford a new pair of shoes. She agreed to have sexual relations with a white Scottish immigrant who simply could not show her mercy and give her the damn money she needed. Instead, he had to use her body the same way that chattel slavery deemed acceptable for women like Great Grandma Savannah. And out of the ‘exchange’, she became pregnant with Emma.

During the pregnancy, my father told me that his mother had told him that she had sat around depressed and sad all the time, staring at the moon at night as her belly grew bigger and bigger. When Emma came out, she ended up being ‘high yella’, but it wasn’t enough to still ‘pass’ and have a ‘better life as a white in Jim Crow Mississippi.’ But, she survived. Only having made it to the 3rd grade, she had to drop out of school, and then she was married off to my grandfather, who was 27 years old, at the age of 13. A child bride in the USA.

Grandma Emma told me how, during wedding night he of course wanted to consummate the marriage. When he took of his clothes, she ran around the room screaming because she didn’t know what that ‘thing’ was below his pants. She said she was still playing with dolls when she married him. I appreciate what she did to survive, despite the many things she had done or said out of ignorance, such as commenting that she didnt know why I had to marry a white boy when she found out I was engaged to my now husband, Oliver, a white man from Germany. But, after a year, I forgave her and realized that she must have a lot of deep hate towards ‘whiteness’ because of the pain of which she came about and her life in Mississippi, to have said something like that and not realize how it could have hurt me…and how I didn’t realize that that was where her comment had come from until a year later.

So yes, I appreciate her, her dedication to my twin and I from afar, always sending us gifts even though she was poor as hell. She embodied love and committment to our family, and I wish I could have been less rigid and more accepting of her views and developed a better relationship with her. I named the protagonist Savannah, in my new book Scars: A Black Lesbian Experience in Rural White New England because of similar circumstance of which Savannah was born out of.  I’ll be talking more about this in May 2015 in Oregon. In the book, inspired by the lives of Black women in both my mother and father’s families, Scars gives the reader narrative of suffering and narrative of hope to heal, acknowledging the #BlackWomensLivesMatter.

(Apologies for typos. My computer is broken. Lots of pink lines makes it hard for me to see if there are spelling mistakes)

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Fashionable Resistance (The Art of Critical Thinking and Change-making): The Sistah Vegan Earrings Kick-Off Event


Fashionable Resistance: The Art of Critical Thinking and Change-Making is a Sistah Vegan Project Fashion line. I am hoping to offer these earrings as a way to raise money for the Sistah Vegan Project. The ones below will kick-off this line. These Sistah Vegan ones will be signed by me (on the back of the earrings). This is from the book cover, with the drawing by Janine Jackson. This new Sistah Vegan line will showcase all of the critical thinkers that the Sistah Vegan Project has been inspired by, such as Angela Davis (fellow vegan) and Octavia Butler (was a vegan as well). If you would like a pair of these below, please donate $60 or more here, and indicate on the comments field that you would like to have a pair. Unfortunately, there are limited quantities for these (5 pair).


Support Anti-Rabbit Meat Leafleting Activist, Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project

Update: this is January 21 not January 15.


Photo of Lauren being arrested. (Source:

Update: the trial date is January 21 not January 15.

The other month, my friend and ED of The Food Empowerment Project was arrested while peacefully leafleting outside of Whole Foods Sebastopol, CA. The manager of the store called the police and did a “citizen’s arrest” of Ms. Ornelas. Her crime? Educating customers about the cruelty of rabbit meat industry. Whole Food sells rabbit meat and she, as well as other leafleters, simply wanted customers to know the cruelty behind this new growing trend of eating rabbits. What is also notable is that Lauren helped Whole Foods become more ethical years ago, with Viva!. They arrested the very person who worked with the higher ups to make positive change. Great reward, no? She was arrested for leafleting while brown, propose pattrice jones.

On January 21 2015, Join us to support food justice & vegan activist, lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project, as she faces charges brought by the Manager of Whole Foods Market in Sebastopol, CA. Show up the the court house!!

lauren was peacefully and lawfully leafleting outside of WFM when the manager called the police. When the police officer wouldn’t arrest lauren, the manager opted to put her under “citizen’s arrest.” lauren now faces criminal trespassing charges.

Please join us and support lauren during her court appearance!

Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Criminal Room 105 See More

More info about lauren’s arrest:


Press Release:… See More


Sistah Vegan Kids: Vegan Buckwheat, Almond, Spelt Waffles for Dinner


We had waffles for dinner tonight. Very healthy! The kids loved this nutrient packed power house. We use olive oil for ‘butter’ and always have. They love it!

1 cup Spelt flour
1\2 c almond flour
1\2 c buckwheat flour
2.25 c of soy milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp baking power
5 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 table spoon chia seeds (soak in soy milk for ten minutes first so it can gel up and become egg replacer). I prefer these over flax. Flax tastes bad to me when it is cooked.

Throw in blender on high for two minutes.

I use Duraceramic non Teflon Belgian waffle maker and Vita mix blender. I use a fair trade more sustainable coconut oil. I notice if I don’t add sugar and use coconut oil, the waffles never stick.

Bon Appetit!