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“We Don’t Want no GMOs” and Eco-Vegan Hip Hop Consciousness

So, is anyone else annoyed and pissed off that mainstream meda continues to represent our beautiful black brothers as incapable of contributing to society?

Is anyone else getting irritated with the constant representations of ‘green’, ‘eco-conscious’, and vegan as NOT black men?

Anyone highly skeptical about all the ‘facts’ that point to how ‘pathetic’ black and brown men are when it comes to being ‘leaders’ for alternative food and health?

Me too.

Above, performing on Oct 13 2012 in Oakland, CA at “Life is Living” is one of my inspirations is DJ Cavem Moetavation.

Listen to him. Listen to his words.

His brilliance in fusing together hip hop, veganism, holistic health activism… then bringing it all up to a higher consciousness by integrating black social justice activists from the past to the present. This man is brilliant and represents one of thousands of brothers of the African Diaspora in the USA who are holding it down and creating social justice/food justice/environmental justice paradigms that do not, cannot, and will not ignore neoliberal whiteness, corporate capitalism, structural racism, and nutritional genocide.

Because let’s face it: You won’t hear these types of critical engagements, found in his lyrics and speech, on PETA or VegNews, which I feel cater to neoliberal whiteness and hyperconsumerism and don’t go deeper.

DJ Cavem’s song above comes from his new album The Produce Section: The HarvestIncredibly brilliant albums that I highly recommend.

My 3 year old son, Sun, sings it all the time. He isn’t allowed to listen to anything unless it brings his consciousness up. DJ Cavem his is favorite singer. Sun is always talking about, “We won’t want no GMOs,” “No Monsanto,” and “I’m a grown man, and I grow food.” I link this musica with his lessons about food and herbs.

Thanks you Dj Cavem for being the type of mentor and leader we all need; and especially for the youth.

Ill effects of being racialized as white and “Wheatgrass”

This is the sequel to “studying racialization in vegans cultural studies” (go here if you haven’t seen that yet because it will help you understand what I mean by ‘racialized’ and ‘racialization’ )

This video below is an update of my dissertation work, my funding campaign to get my PhD, and my friend DJ Cavem’s new vegan and green hip hop CD “Teacher’s Lounge” and video “Wheatgrass”




Martinot, Steve. The Machinery of Whiteness : Studies in the Structure of Racialization. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2010.

Sullivan, Shannon, and Nancy Tuana. Race and Epistemologies of Ignorance, Suny Series, Philosophy and Race. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2007.

Yancy, George. What White Looks Like : African-American Philosophers on the Whiteness Question. New York: Routledge, 2004.

New Ecosustainable Vegan Hip Hop Album: DJ CaveM

Like ecosustainable vegan hip hop? Check out the amazing new album by young Denver brotha, DJ CaveM. My favorite song is Wheatgrass. He is amazing people! Wish there were more young brotha hip hop artist role models like him: Click on the image to buy.

Album Notes

Who is DJ Cavem Moetavation?

Ietef Vita is DJ Cavem Moetavation. He is an internationally known Hip-Hop Artist, Environmental Advocate, Youth Advocate and political genius. He is currently employed as an Eco-cultivator at Denver’s Blue and Yellow Logic, a company devoted to transforming empty lots in urban communities into thriving and vibrant gardens. He is from the hood, loves the hood and wants to uplift the hood through educating and “moetavating” his community. DJ Cavem uses music and words as his tool to not only rock a crowd, but to more importantly bring justice to the environment of the hood.

Blue & Yellow Logic, The GrowHaus & Environmental Sustainability

The goal of Blue & Yellow Logic is to teach urban communities how to support themselves and the environment with this sustainability project. No back yard plots here. The gardens cover city blocks and provide enough food to feed several families throughout the year. Here Cavem supervises a soil delivery to agarden managed by the Eastside Grower’s collective. The project is gaining local and national attention. Recently, Blue & Yellow Logic has made arrangements to develop gardens at the office of Colorado Senator Michael Johnston and The Swansea-Elyria Aquaponic Green House, Growhaus Project in order to provide free organic food to the community.

Youth Outreach

This thoughtful young artist is no airy-fairy performer. Along with gardening comes teaching positive health practices. He engages youth in such forums as the Brown Sugah Fest panels promoting positive and holistic health and Peace Jam; a community music event targeting youth and engaging them in music, health and community activism practices. He encourages both young and old to take care of the environment, develop creativity, and practice behaviors which lead to peace. Contact us if you are interested in DJ Cavem doing a presentation at your school.

DJ Cavem’s Music
DJ Cavem is an international performer having performed in Africa, Europe and throughout the United States. His work has been recognized by such greats as Hazel Miller, Gil Scott Heron and Erykah Badu.

DJ Cavem is a prolific composer and writer. He has five albums available. The fifth album Deep Rokc is available on itunes and amazon now! DJ Cavem’s sixth Album, The Teacher’s Lounge, release date of July 30, 2010, features music inspired by Cavem’s love of HipHop culture, his advocacy for youth, environment and community and his deep rooted value of knowledge. Get ready for this hard hitting, socially conscious release.

DJ Cavem is available for commisions for writers, film makers and other artists. Contact us if you desire music for your art or filim project.

Booking Information
Live Performances, DJ & MC work:
DJ Cavem is available for solo performances as well as live performances with his band, Moetavation. Cavem can MC your special event and draw a crowd just because of his presence. See our booking page for more detailed information on how to book Cavem.

School Lectures and Assemblies:
DJ Cavem enjoys working with youth and sharing how to engage today’s world from a perspective of self-empowerment. He provides interactive classroom presentations as well as performances for your school’s assemblies, instructing youth in environmental, social, community and self awareness.

Non-profit & Corporate presentations:
DJ Cavem also facilitates lectures and panels for non-profit and corporate events. He has lectured at the Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, CA, and Chicago, IL Green Festivals. He provides workshops for youth and adults on urban sustainability at Denver’s GrowHaus Greenhouse project.

Vegan Hip Hop Movement: Founder, Kevin Tillman

Check out the interview with Kevin Tillman, founder of the Vegan Hip Hop Movement:

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

What is hip-hop doing for veganism?

Hip Hop like any other form of artistic expression is reaching more audiences that may not have had the access to certain information. Whether that be about the exploitation of chickens (S.K.I.P.’s “Chicken Little) or the exploitation of consumers and producers of fast food (Promoe’s “Fast Food World”).

What can hip-hop do for the vegan and AR movement that is not already being done?

Hip Hop can and does broaden people’s perspectives. Hip Hop has historically served as the mouthpiece for oppressed groups in society (i.e. the poor and people of color). Veganism applied to this level of activism only expands the circle for other oppressed beings, other animals. We are all animals and the sooner folks make the connection the better off we all are. (Cited from

Go to to learn more about this man of the African Diaspora involved in veganism and hip hop art movement.

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