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The Sistah Vegan blog isn’t about veganism as much as it is about what life and phenomenon look like through the consciousness of black vegan girls and women. Go here to the Sistah Vegan Blog for the latest blog posts and videos that break down everything, using critical race, feminist, decolonial, as well as vegan frameworks.


3 thoughts on “Sistah Vegan Project Blog

  1. Sandra M on said:

    My copy of SISTAH VEGAN arrived this week, a time when animals-those that are eaten and those whose skins are worn-bring animal ethics front and center. Today, fur-free Friday, we hope consumers will make the choice to not buy real fur. I, and other sistah vegans have communicated to EBONY and ESSENCE that animals raised for fur live horrible lives and are often skinned alive. Yet, this year, like in years past, these magazines continue to display real fur on their pages, as if it’s all about consumer choice. I wanted to post this on one of your blog entries, but the latest one didn’t relate to animal issues. Maybe soon. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  2. Tasha Powell on said:

    I have been vegetarian this November will be 5 yesrs. I want to transition to becoming vegan. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Natalie on said:

    I’m reading Sistah Vegan again for the fourth time. I love this book,especially the poetry.

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