Vegans: Are you ‘pro-life’, ‘pro-choice’, or have an alternative perspective on abortion?


If you are a vegan, I am wondering: What are your personal beliefs around ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ in the context of humans, pregnancy, and abortion? 

This is probably the shortest blog post ever, but I’m curious about this question and would like to know, if you are vegan, what your stance is and how it ‘fits’ into your vegan philosophies.

The only reason I ask this is because I find it curious how ‘life’ is defined and how it is valued, in the human context and beyond. I remember running into a vegan man about 7 years ago who said he thought it was strange that certain human beings eat animals ‘without conscious’, but are hard-core ‘pro-life’ for pregnant humans. Alternatively, he found it ‘peculiar’ that many vegans who become vegan to abstain from killing/harming non-human animals are ‘pro-choice’ when it comes to their stance on human reproductive choice. He thought it was oxymoronic to be a pro-life meat-eater and a pro-choice vegan. However I’m not convinced at all that it is that simple and wanted to open up the dialogue about this amongst vegans.

And yea, I’ve met plenty of pro-choice meat eaters and pro-life vegans too.

So, let’s talk about this!

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