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I am a professional research consultant and writer who (1) applies educational technologies and social media to ethical, sustainable, and healthy food initiatives;  (2) strategizes how to make health and food products/services (with emphasis on organic, vegan, and vegetarian foods) appealing to a more diverse consumer base (i.e. under-represented racial minorities and toddlers) and; (3) teaches individuals and organizations how to incorporate critical race frameworks to their projects. My CV is located here: CV of A. Breeze Harper.

Services Offered:

  1. Helping people who want to incorporate critical race and critical whiteness frameworks into their research projects, such as final papers, books, documentaries, and dissertations.
  2. Lecturing at institutions and organizations about food, race, feminism, and/or veganism.
  3. Webinars. I offer webinar courses for groups as well as individuals.
    • August 18, 2012: “What do you mean my vegan chocolate may not be ‘cruelty-free’?”
    • August 25, 2012: “Black women’s hair CAN grow: Food and Herbs to grow you hair”
  4. I am also available, via video conferencing (Skype, Google, or Facetime), for consulting about transitioning into a vegan diet. I also can help you achieve a vegan pregnancy as well as raise your baby and children vegan.


Please write me at sistahvegan (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about services and rates.

4 thoughts on “Classes and Events

  1. Dear Dr. Harper,

    I love your work and congrats on obtaining your PhD! Your research and book inspired me to study Black food advocates for my senior thesis project as a graduating senior at Spelman College. Your work let me know that such a topic was a legitimate and theoretically rigorous course of study. Currently, I am a vegetarian with vegan leanings. I’m always learning and growing on this journey. If possible, I would love to interview you as a woman of color working on food issues for my senior project. In addition, I have a questionnaire that I am trying to get 100 responses for by April 4th, 2013. If you have any time, I would love to discuss things further with you. I can be reached at or (919) 221-5863. Oh, and I will be moving out to Berkeley/Oakland in the fall to start a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management under Dr. Carolyn Finney at UC Berkeley. I would love to possibly connect then as well!

    Thank you again for insisting that our voices be heard!

    Frances Roberts-Gregory

  2. I am a current SFZC resident, and the only full time African-Americans male at Green Gulch farm. I heard, through this “people of color” meeting (which translates to all people who are not white) I “attended” (basically we were bussed up from Tassajara where i was living at the time, to city center, regarding issues of race and Zen. Your name came up. I want to document and write about my year living in the Zen center universe, and thought you’d be a great person to begin a dialogue with. I will begin to write in more detail about my experiences (which I think you could get a general idea about), and would love a little feedback. Hope to hear back from you soon.

    1. Please send me a private email at breezeharper at gmail dot com . I wonder if we have met already (?). We go to the first Sundays family events almost every month, except today since it’s raining.

  3. Dear Dr. Harper,
    Greetings from Nigerian. I am an aged Nigerian, born in the 50s,. I am christian and a vegan. I saw your blog in internet and decided to find out whether African Americans are vegan. I have been a vegan since the 90s. It is good to know that you are highly educated. I thank God for that.

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